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10 MCQs In Statistics … – Instant Assignment Help | assignmentsonline.org
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1. Which of the following is not an example of research?
a. A statistical analysis of errors in the recording of inventories.
b. A test of cognitive dissonance theory and major investment decisions.
c. A simulation of the information flows in an organization.
d. A decision to change the firm’s accounting procedures.

2. Which of the following is a hierarchical listing of measurement scales in terms of increasing power?
a. Nominal, interval, ordinal, ratio
b. Ordinal, nominal, ratio, interval
c. Nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio
d. Nominal, ordinal, ratio, interval

3. A statistic is a numerical descriptor that is calculated from ___________ data and is usually represented by ___________ letters.
a. sample, Greek
b. population, Roman
c. sample, Roman
d. population, Greek

4. Which of the following are concepts?
a. Shoe
b. Chair
c. Pain
d. All of the above

5. As the size of the sample increases, the sample mean
a. becomes a more reliable statistic.
b. becomes a more unreliable statistic.
c. remains constant.
d. decreases in value.

6. Which is not a tip for effective line charts?

a. Line charts are better than bar charts when displaying more than one time series
b. Non-zero origin is sometimes acceptable to show sufficient detail
c. Omit data markers (e.g., squares, triangles) when the series has only a few data values
d. Use light grid lines so they don’t dominate the graph.

7. All of the following are measures of central tendency except the
a. range.
b. mean.
c. mode.
d. median

8. Kim Fernando has just found the variance of a sample of 32 observations to be 64.0 by using a formula that is programmed into her new calculator. Therefore, what is the sample standard deviation?
a. 2.0
b. 4.0
c. 8.0
d. 4,096

9. Once the sample variance has been calculated, the sample standard deviation can be obtained by
a. squaring it.
b. doubling it.
c. dividing it by the sample size.
d. taking its positive square root

10. When data are evenly spread out on either side of the center, the distribution of the data is
a. skewed left.
b. skewed right.
c. jagged.
d. symmetric.

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