2023 Critical Thinking I need your help for writing essay 4 pages not | Assignments Online

2023 Critical Thinking I need your help for writing essay 4 pages not | Assignments Online

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Critical Thinking:  

I need your help for writing essay (4 pages not including the cover page and references page)  

The topic as below:

The workplace is becoming more global in nature. It is important for  leaders to understand and manage these differences in workplace culture  and diversity. GLOBE research identified six global leadership behaviors  that are considered important in various cultures in varying degrees:

  1. Charismatic/value-based
  2. Team oriented
  3. Participative
  4. Human oriented
  5. Autonomous
  6. Self or group protective.

Explain what each of the six terms means in terms of leadership  behaviors. Choose one of the following cultures: Anglo, Latin American,  or Confucian Asian and explain the similarities and differences to  leadership behaviors in the culture of Saudi Arabia.

As a manager with an employee from each of those cultures (Anglo,  Latin American, or Confucian Asian), explain how you might change your  leadership style, or support your reasoning for expecting the employee  to change behaviors to work within the Saudi Arabian culture.



– Write an essay that includes an introduction paragraph, the essay’s   body, and a conclusion paragraph to address the assignment’s guide   questions. Do not address the questions using a question-and-answer  format. 

-APA style should be used

-Font will be: Times roman 12, and double space should be between lines

-At least three scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles will be used as references (including the below one).


– Warrick, D. D. (2017). What leaders need to know about organizational culture. Business Horizons. Retrieved from https://paper-download.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/844-leaders-need-know-about-organization-culture.pdf 

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