2023 Part 1 Multiple Choice Part 1 consists of 20 multiple choice questions worth 1 5 points each It should take | Assignments Online

2023 Part 1 Multiple Choice Part 1 consists of 20 multiple choice questions worth 1 5 points each It should take | Assignments Online

Assignments Online 2023 Business Finance


Part 1: Multiple-Choice

Part 1 consists of 20 multiple-choice questions worth 1.5 points each. It should take you no longer than 40 minutes to complete. 

Question 1 (1.5 points)

_____ refers to the efforts to systematically find, organize, and make available a company’s intellectual capital and to foster a culture of continuous learning and information sharing.

Question 1 options:

1)  Feedback control

2)  Outcome control

3)  Knowledge management

4)  Transaction management

Question 2 (1.5 points)

_____ focuses on the human and social aspects of an organization as a way to improve an organization’s ability to adapt and solve problems.

Question 2 options:

1)  Organizational innovation

2)  Organizational change

3)  Organization development

4)  Organization behavior

Question 3 (1.5 points)

What is the major goal of an organization during the entrepreneurial stage of the organizational life cycle?

Question 3 options:

1)  Profit maximization

2)  Reputation

3)  Growth

4)  Survival

Question 4 (1.5 points)

_____ is a strong intervention to reduce conflict because it involves bringing the disputing parties together and allowing each side to present its version of the situation.

Question 4 options: 

1)  Workplace mediation

2)  Confrontation

3)  Pooled interdependence

4)  Rational model

Question 5 (1.5 points)

Which of the following is true of an organization with decentralized control?

Question 5 options:

1)  The organization emphasizes extrinsic rewards, and task-related job descriptions are given to employees.

2)  The organization assumes that people are incapable of self-discipline and cannot be trusted.

3)  The organization uses detailed rules and procedures and formal control systems.

4)  The organization places great emphasis on the selection and socialization of employees.

Question 6 (1.5 points)

Sheila is one of the managers at Benson & Parker Advertising, an agency based in New York. She is a member of a coalition of managers who are deciding whether to shift their headquarters to Texas. Even though Sheila is against the move, she decides to suppress her opinion because most of the managers of the company favor the move. In this scenario, Sheila is engaging in _____.

Question 6 options:

1)  commitment escalation

2)  bargaining 

3)  problemistic search

4)  groupthink

Question 7 (1.5 points)

_____ means that each department involved with new products has excellent linkage with relevant sectors in the external environment.

Question 7 options:

1)  Horizontal coordination

2)  Boundary spanning

3)  Open innovation

4)  Management innovation

Question 8 (1.5 points)

In the _____ stage of organizational decision making, information about environmental and organizational conditions is monitored to determine if performance is satisfactory and to diagnose the cause of shortcomings.

Question 8 options:

1)  problem identification

2)  problem generation

3)  problem solution

4)  problem deconstruction

Question 9 (1.5 points)

Which of the following occurs when organization members actually use a new idea, technique, or behavior?

Question 9 options:

1)  Implementation

2)  Standardization

3)  Creativity

4)  Sustainability

Question 10 (1.5 points)

Bureaucracy provides for:

Question 10 options:

1)  easy access to top level managers for grievance redressal.

2)  effective ways to increase profit margins for an organization

3)  systematic and rational ways to organize and manage tasks.

4)  secure provisions to protect whistle-blowing employees.

Question 11 (1.5 points)

Korston Inc., a software development firm, makes its new hires walk a marathon across the city of Cidville in order to demonstrate the determination of the employees. After the marathon, they are made to recount their experiences and describe how this event has motivated them to work hard. This scenario illustrates a _____.

Question 11 options:

1)  rite of passage

2)  mission culture

3)  clan culture

4)  rite of renewal

Question 12 (1.5 points)

Larry is the CEO of a chain of fast food restaurants that operates all over the U.S. It comes to his notice that one of the branches in Boston has received a lot of complaints from customers who claim that the staff is rude and the service is delayed. Larry arranges to get feedback from customers of the branch in question. In the context of the incremental decision model, Larry is in the _____ phase of the decision sequence.

Question 12 options 

1)  identification

2)  development

3)  evaluation

4)  selection

Question 13 (1.5 points)

Ringmart is a fast-food joint that has a motto “Fast food, fast delivery”. This is an example of a _____.

Question 13 options: 

1)  legend

2)  myth

3)  story

4)  saying

Question 14 (1.5 points)

_____ are changes in an organization’s production process, including its knowledge and skill base, that enable distinctive competence.

Question 14 options:

1)  Strategy and structure innovations

2)  Product and service innovations

3)  Technology innovations

4)  Culture innovations

Question 15 (1.5 points)

The _____ to individual decision making stresses the need for systematic analysis of a problem followed by choice and implementation in a logical, step-by-step sequence.

Question 15 options:

1)  intuitive approach

2)  rational approach

3)  bounded rationality approach

4)  problemistic search approach

Question 16 (1.5 points)

_____ means searching out and analyzing data from multiple sources across the enterprise, and increasingly from outside sources as well, to identify patterns and relationships that might be significant.

Question 16 options:

1)  Data warehousing

2)  Data processin

3) Data entry

4)  Data mining

Question 17 (1.5 points)

Small companies become a victim of their own success:

Question 17 options:

1)  as they grow large and shift to a complex structure.

2)  when they cannot manage their profits and make incorrect decisions.

3)  when they overestimate the demand and block funds in inventory storage. 

4)  as they spawn entrepreneurs rather than “organization men.”

Question 18 (1.5 points)

_____ is the ability of one person or department in an organization to influence other people to bring about desired outcomes.

Question 18 options: 

1)  Cooperation

2)  Collaboration

3)  Power

4)  Personal position

Question 19 (1.5 points)

Which of the following is a possible consequence of using the garbage can model for organizational decision making?

Question 19 options:

1)  Solutions are proposed only when problems exist.

2)  Problems are always solved once they have been identified.

3)  Choices are made without solving problems.

4)  Solutions are present for all kinds of problems.

Question 20 (1.5 points)

John is a manager at Trespach Inc. His subordinates respect him, and several of them have made comments such as, “I want to be as good a manager as he is one day.” He is highly respected and admired. John holds:

Question 20 options: 

1)  legitimate power. 

2)  expert power.

3)  coercive power.

4)  referent power.



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Part 2: Short Answer

Part 2 consists of 5 short answer questions worth 6 points each. It should take you no longer than 40 minutes to complete. 

Question 21 (6 points)

Describe the difference between programmed decisions and nonprogrammed decisions, and provide an example of each.


Question 22 (6 points)

Discuss the dual-core approach.


Question 23 (6 points)

Describe the entrepreneurial stage of an organizational life cycle.


Question 24 (6 points)

Explain the role of personnel ratios in an organization’s structure


Question 25 (6 points)

Explain social capital and its benefits to an organization 

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