2024 – 1 If Ming was interested in capturing distribution metrics for her retail organization which of the following might she

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2024 – 1 If Ming was interested in capturing distribution metrics for her retail organization which of the following might she.

1. If Ming was interested in capturing distribution metrics for her retail organization, which of the following might she consider

2.         When a company introduces a product at a high price and then gradually drops the price over time, it is pursuing a ________ strategy

Dealership sales offerings

3.         Sapphire Toys actually sells more than toys. It also sells branded clothing, music CDs, and books for children. This expansion of dealership sales offerings is an attempt to increase the value of the customer base by ________.

4.         Which of the following questions is answered during the business analysis of ideas

Shorter product life cycles

5.         It has been observed that most new products have shorter product life cycles. What is the reason for this?


7.         Creative strategies refer to the ________

8.         Apple hosts a large number of ________, which become customers’ primary source of product information after warranties expire and are organized by product lines and type of user (consumer or professional)

9.         ________ analysis looks at specific products, territories, and so forth that failed to produce expected sales

10.        Josh separated people who wanted a high quality lawn mower from people who wanted a low priced lawn mower, then examined whether different characteristics were associated with each consumer-response segment.




12.        In an attempt to improve their product, a company that manufactures screwdrivers discusses the modification of each attribute, such as replacing the wooden handle with plastic, providing torque power, adding different screw heads, and so on. This creativity technique is called ________

13.        ________ gives products the appearance of being more environmentally friendly without living up to that promise.

Extremely efficient means

14.        With respect to powerful brand elements, ________ is an extremely efficient means to build brand equity. This element functions as a useful “hook” to help consumers grasp what the brand is and what makes it special

15.        ROC Engineering, a Chinese shipbuilding company, agrees to build a fleet of submarines for the Sri Lankan navy, for which it will be paid in Sri Lankan currency. As per the agreement, ROC must also spend a substantial amount of the money it generates through this deal within the country.

In accordance with the contract, ROC buys Sri Lankan tea at a reduced rate.

16.          Joe is a computer service technician. People in his neighborhood usually depend on his suggestions for purchasing any computer accessory or hardware, as they believe he has access to far more information on computer technology than the average consumer. The neighbors are also aware that Joe has the required knowledge and background for understanding the technical properties of the products. Within this context, Joe can be called a(n) ________.

17.          When the Modern Museum of Art separated its consumers by whether they were culture-oriented or outdoor-oriented for its new exhibit on art that used natural materials, they were using ________ segmentation

________ environment includes

18.        The ________ environment includes the actors involved in producing, distributing, and promoting an offering. The main actors are the company, suppliers, distributors, dealers, and the target customers

19.        You are the marketing research director of a medium-sized manufacturing firm and you would like to engage an outside marketing research firm to conduct field interviews. Which of the following categories of marketing research firms should you use?

20.        Volkswagen concentrates on the small-car market and Porsche on the sports car market. These would be examples of what is called ________.

21.        Top Gear is an award-winning British television series about motor vehicles, mainly cars. The show is presented by hosts who test drive new cars and provide reviews on the cars’ performance, prices, and other factors.

Companies provide rewards

22.        Companies provide rewards to customers who buy often and in substantial amounts. These reward schemes are referred to as ________ programs

23.        Which of the following best describes BR Chicken’s value proposition

24.        Which of the following is the strongest differentiator for brick-and-mortar stores who want to emphasize their superiority over online retailers?

25.        The stage in the new product process that occurs first and has a pass ratio of 1:4 is the ________ stage.

Market-development strategies

26.        Market-penetration, product-development, and market-development strategies would all be examples of ________ strategies

27.        During which of the following stages in new product development decision-making do managers analyze if they can find a good idea consumers say they would try

28.        Robert is the owner of an automobile manufacturing company. He calls for a board meeting and tells his directors that he wants to build a car that lets drivers experience power and exhilaration. He tells them that the car must allow users to soar from 0 to 60 mph in about 4 seconds.

He also says the price of the car must be affordable enough for anybody making a good salary. In accordance with the given scenario, Robert is trying to segment the market on the basis of ________.

29.        Mark feels that Shell delivers on its promises to supply the best gasoline possible to the public. His experiences with Shell have always been good, resulting in positive brand contact. Mark is most likely experiencing brand ________

30.        When a firm aims to underprice competitors and win market share, it is using a(n) ________ strategy that requires relatively fewer marketing skills as compared to other strategies.







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