2024 – 1 One key to success with a business startup is to begin with enough Points

One key to success with a business startup is (Modo 4) – 2024

1. One key to success with a business startup is to begin with enough ________________: (Points : 1)

      [removed] capital
      [removed] sales
      [removed] accounts payable
      [removed] suppliers


2. Researchers who study entrepreneurs have discovered that: (Points : 1)

      [removed]successful entrepreneurs start with an idea, resources, and a small management team.
      [removed]there is one key set of traits that mark a successful entrepreneur.
      [removed]entrepreneurs desire responsibility and are willing to take moderate risks.
      [removed]the most successful entrepreneurs are willing to take extreme risks and bet the farm in order to succeed.


3. Entrepreneurs start businesses for a number of reasons including: (Points : 1)

      [removed]an opportunity to make a difference.
      [removed]having to deal with less government regulation than as an executive of a large company.
      [removed]a much lower risk of career failure due to layoff or acquisition than working for a large company.
      [removed]the opportunity to get rich much quicker than if they work for a large company.


4. “Copreneurs” are marked by: (Points : 1)

      [removed]a division of labor by expertise.
      [removed]their similarity to the traditional mom and pop operation.
      [removed]a decline in the number of businesses.
      [removed]a greater success at raising venture capital than sole proprietorship-type businesses.


5. Successful copreneurs are marked by which of the following characteristics? (Points : 1)

      [removed] Distinct and different business and life goals.
      [removed] A clear delineation of who is the superior partner and who is the subordinate partner.
      [removed] A blending of responsibilities, roles, and authority.
      [removed] Mutual respect for each other’s talents.


6. The international market: (Points : 1)

      [removed]has proven to be a tremendous opportunity for small business.
      [removed]is being dominated by large corporations based in Europe and Japan.
      [removed]is largely closed to small U.S.-based businesses because of the growth of international entrepreneurship.
      [removed]provides greater opportunities for women and minority entrepreneurs than U.S. domestic markets do.


7. Entrepreneurial activity is culturally diverse. Discuss the role of women, minorities, and immigrant entrepreneurs in this activity, profiling their characteristics, their impact, and the specific barriers they need to overcome in their small business start-ups. (Points : 2)









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