2024 – 1 Please do some research on top down vs bottom up budgeting In your post

Cost Accounting and Cybersecurity assignment – 2024

1) Please do some research on top down vs bottom up budgeting. In your post describe the differences between each of these styles of budgeting. Then describe the advantages and disadvantages of each. Then I would like you to state which method you would employ if you were able to choose the method at a company you worked for.

Attached- question 2 reading complete

2.  You have learned about budgeting strategies and how to effectively put a budget in place. You also have looked at how to create various budgets. For your discussion board post in week five please read case 9-46 on the bottom of page 413 in your textbook. Then in your post answer the two questions posed regarding this case.

Describe several operational and behavioral benefits that are generally attributed to a participative budgetary process. Identify at least four deficiencies in Patricia Eklund’s participative policy for planning and performance evaluation purposes. For each deficiency identified, recommend how it can be corrected.



a) Select THREE data brokers companies from the list mentioned in the articles you have read and search for information on those companies. Report on the type of information you found.

       b) How do data brokers collect your data?

       c) Have you ever considered how you might be tracked? Does it bother you?

       d) In what ways are you able to keep your private information “private”? Explain your answer.

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