2024 – 1 Question RERUN is another way of approaching what Parent conferences A new game for

A+ Answers of the following Questions – 2024

1. Question : RERUN is another way of approaching what?
Parent conferences
A new game for the play area
Discipline situations

2. Question : Helping children develop inner controls relates to a cultural view that emphasizes individual responsibility.

3. Question : Which of the following best characterizes parents with interdependence goals?
They focus on individualism
They never “baby” their children
They encourage self-help skills during the first year
They model being “other-centered”

1.Question :Parents who abuse their children were almost never abused as children.
Student Answer:

2. Question : RERUN is another way of approaching what?
Student Answer:
Parent conferences
A new game for the play area
Discipline situations

3. Question : What is the most important difference between consequences and punishment?
Student Answer:
Punishment is often late
Consequences are not as bad as punishment
Consequences are a result of the child’s actions
Punishment is the result after the actions

1. Question : Which of the following is not one of the trends mentioned in the chapter that illustrate the need for formal and informal support for families?
The increasing numbers of mothers of infants and young children in the workforce
The growing challenge for low-income families to attain economic self-sufficiency
The feminization of poverty and teenage parenting
The rapid growth of technology

2. Question :Which one of the following is not true about families who find themselves isolated from other people?
They have the best possible situation for rearing children
Isolation limits role models for children
Isolation can lead to child abuse
Isolation can lead to a sense of hopelessness

3. Question : The NAEYC accreditation standards
 Put relationships as their first category
Emphasize academics
Have only four standards
All of the above

1. Question : Why can isolation can have a negative effect on families?
Feeling of usefulness
Feeling of hopelessness
Feeling of satisfaction at work
Feeling of belonging to a group

2. Question : Educators need to be aware of the community resources available to families. How can they learn this?
By involving the community in their child care center
By attending in-service training provided by the community agencies
By watching for announcements in the news media regarding funding that is available
All of the above

3. Question : When early childhood professionals have concerns about a child’s development what should they do?
Make observations, which can help clarify and document concerns
The parent should never be approached about concerns
They should ignore the concerns unless qualified to assess development

1. Question : Roberto needed community resources for his family but felt resistant to seeking them because he was:
Too proud
Suspicious of government agencies
Turned off by workers who did not speak his language and all the paperwork
All of the above

2. Question : Quality care is not related to which of the following?
Teachers’ qualifications
Group size
Child-staff ratio
The money spent on building design



3. Question : What type of relationship should parents and early childhood educators have with each other?
They should be partners
They should have mutual respect for each other
They should not compete with each other for the child’s affection
All of the above



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