2024 – 1 Question When Palm Products developed its glow in the dark camping drinkware line the company learned from consumer

BUS 330 quiz Week 1 – 2024


Question :

When Palm Products developed its glow-in-the-dark camping drinkware line, the company learned from consumer feedback at a trade show that the same product would offer a strong appeal within senior-care facilities and nightclubs. This is an example of line extension by finding new markets that can be served by existing products. Which of the following concepts does this example ALSO illustrate?



Question :

What does the Situation Analysis require in addition to Internal and External Analysis?



Question :

Kotler’s three generations of marketing thought framework is useful compared to Kurtz’s “four eras”
framework because it



Question :

The American Heart Association invited people to share a short video illustrating the symptoms of a heart attack most frequently experienced by women. What type of marketing does this example BEST represent?



Question :

Which of the following is NOT a typical focus of research in the Marketing Strategy phase?



Question :

The correct sequence for the four eras identified in the history of marketing by Kurtz (2010) include



Question :

Four characteristics of services make them different from products in terms of marketing strategy. Which list includes the four characteristics discussed?



Question :

The example of quinoa in this chapter was used to illustrate an aspect of the globalization paradox. Which statement BEST summarizes the point made by that example?



Question :

Which of the following examples BEST fits the definition of an A/B Split as measure of campaign effectiveness?



Question :

What market trend is creating an opportunity for product offerings that are marketed as ideas?



BUS:330 quiz Week 1

BUS/330 quiz Week 1

BUS 330 quiz Week 1

BUS330 quiz Week 1

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