2024 – 1 The current price of a stock is ksh 40 In 1 year the

Using Mathemaical Illustrations,elaborate Binomiol OPM And Black-scholes Pricing Model – 2024

2024 – 1 The current price of a stock is ksh 40 In 1 year the.

1.The current price of a stock is ksh. 40. In 1 year, the price will be either ksh.60 or ksh.30. The annual risk free rate is 5%. Find the price of a call option on the stock that has a strike price of sh 42 and that expires in one year.

 2. On March 6, 2001, Cisco Systems was trading at $13.62. We will attempt to value a July 2001 call option with a strike price of $15, trading on the CBOT on the same day for $2.00. The following are the other parameters of the options: ·

Cisco systems stock price

 The annualized standard deviation in Cisco Systems stock price over the previous year was 81.00%

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