2024 – 15 20 PowerPoint slides 100 words of speaker notes each This needs to be done in 9

Clinical Decision Support – 2024


15–20 PowerPoint slides (100 words of speaker notes each)


!!! This needs to be done in 9 hours !!!



The following scenario will be utilized throughout this course to assist you in completing your plan: 




The benefits of EHR implementation are numerous; however, there can be significant barriers to their acquisition and use. Discuss benefits of and barriers to implementation of EHR this week, and please use the following scenario to assist you with this week’s assignment:




Yorkshire Clinic is an acute care clinic located in Tacoma, Washington. The clinic is comprised of a group of 10 physicians, 2 physician assistants, 1 nurse practitioner, and several ancillary staff. Yorkshire Clinic serves a patient population of approximately 14,000. 




In 2013, Jeff Magone, the new senior health care executive of Yorkshire Clinic, set the goal for the HCO to implement an electronic health record (EHR) system. Currently, the clinic still conducts patient care using paper health records. Mr. Magone and the physicians have discussed the option, and they realize that EHR usage is proven to improve the quality and safety of patient care. In fact, they all believe in implementation of the EHR so much that Mr. Magone has incorporated EHR implementation into Yorkshire Clinic’s strategic plan. Recently, the company determined that your organization qualifies for government incentivesunder the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical (HITECH) Act of 2009with successful EHR implementation. 




Mr. Magone and the physicians realize that EHR implementation will be costly and will take time, but they are willing to make the investment. There is widespread support for the endeavor, and everyone has agreed to be part of the steering committee to guide project development. 




The various stakeholders include physicians, nurses, administrators, and patients. There have been several meetings in which the end-users have been afforded the opportunity to ask questions and provide their feedback about the initiative. There is growing enthusiasm among physicians and clinicians about the possibilities that EHR implementation will bring. 




Mr. Magone has made it clear that patient needs are driving the project. He wants to ensure that EHR design is driven by patient care and satisfaction. He also wants to make sure that proper work-flow planning occurs and areas where EHR use could be best applied are determined. Leadership at Yorkshire Clinic also recognizes that training and support will be imperative to success. Mr. Magone wants to ensure that training is budgeted for and scheduled accordingly. 




Acquiring an EHR can be a daunting and extensive process, and it requires an extensive amount of planning and organizational commitment. By developing a viable plan, risks associated with EHR adoption can be minimized. Throughout this course, you will develop a plan to select and implement an EHR in Yorkshire Clinic. Each week, you will build upon your plan, and in the final weeks of this course, you will provide a final report detailing your findings






  • Utilizing the information in the scenario and the information that you have compiled, conduct quality research, and suggest a list of electronic health record (EHR) vendors that would best suit the needs of Yorkshire Clinic.
    • Your selection recommendation will require you to examine various vendors that sell EHRs in the United States and to select the vendor that you feel will best suit the needs of Yorkshire Clinic.
    • Research may include calling vendors, requesting information from a vendor directly, or extensive Web research.
    • The following link provides a valuable go-by that will assist you in this week’s assignment: EHR Guidelines for Health Centers.
    • Vendor Instructions for completing the Specifications Checklist


      All vendors are required to complete all information requested in the “Vendor Profile” section.

      When responding to the functional specification section, note that each functional statement’s priority is indicated in the “PRI” column which contains one of the following values:

      H = Highly Desirable  

      D = Desirable

      An “X” under the MU (Meaningful Use) column indicates that the function is required under the Meaningful Use Final Rule.

      Where the function is (or is not) provided by the system, place an “X” under one of the following columns:

      “Yes, Included” = the function is available in the system and it is part of the basic system

      “Yes, Additional Cost” = the function is available but it requires system customization at an additional cost

      “No” = the function is not available

      In addition, enter your response in the RESP (Response) column in accordance to one of the following:

         5 = Completely meets requirements today.  The function will be available on day 1 of ‘go live’.

         4 = Partially meets requirements today

         3 = Will completely meet requirements in future (specify date)

         2 = Will partially meet requirements in future (specify required change and date)

         1 = Can meet requirement through customization (specify price)

         0 = Not planning to offer


      Use the column labeled “Comments / Clarifications” to include additional information you wish to include a


    • Use the go-by as a foundation for this week’s assignment. 
  • Provide a PowerPoint presentation to Mr. Magone that details your research of at least 3 EHR vendors in the United States.
    • The conclusion of your presentation should include your recommendation of what company you chose to provide EHR capabilities to Yorkshire Clinic.
    • Describe the strategic planning process of forecasting technical and information needs of an organization by linking resources to business needs and measuring performance against organizational goals.

      Prepare and deliver business communications relevant to health informatics.

      Conduct a needs analysis from the identification of the problem or opportunity through the steps associated with the implementation of the selected solution.

      Summarize the process necessary for an RFI/RFP from the start of the process through long-term support needed for the selection.

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