2024 – 2 paragraphs needed for each 1 Define capacity utilization and facilities decisions 2 What is facilities strategy What are

Assignment Questions – 2024

 2 paragraphs needed for each. 

1. Define capacity, utilization and facilities decisions.
2. What is facilities strategy? What are some of the factors that affect a firm’s facility strategy?
3. Thoroughly discuss capacity cushion and the three subsequent strategies employed by firms.
4. What problems are created by simultaneously considering the capacity questions of how much, how large, when, where and what type?
5. Why are facilities decisions often made by top management? What is the role in these decisions of operations, marketing, finance, accounting, engineering, and human resources?
6. In what ways does corporate strategy affect capacity decisions?
7. S&OP or aggregate planning sometimes is confused with scheduling. What is the difference?
8. The XYZ Company manufactures a seasonal product. At the present time, the company uses a level labor force as a matter of company policy. The company is afraid that if it lays-off workers, it will not be able to rehire them or find qualified replacements. Does the company have an aggregate planning problem? Discuss.
9. How is the choice between a level strategy and a chase strategy influenced by the skill level of the workforce and the degree of automation?
10. Contrast the Factor rating method, Center of gravity method and Geographic information systems of determining facility location.
11. Thoroughly discuss S&OP with an eye on facility planning. 

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