2024 – 2 Sales of Riding Mowers Scatter Plots A company that manufactures riding mowers wants to identify the

case study – 2024

 .2 Sales of Riding Mowers: Scatter Plots. A company that manufactures riding mowers wants to identify the best sales prospects for an intensive sales campaign. In particular, the manufacturer is interested in classifying households as prospective owners or nonowners on the basis of Income (in $1000s) and Lot Size (in 1000 ft2). The marketing expert looked at a random sample of 24 households, given in the file RidingMowers.xls.

  1. Using Excel, create a scatter plot of Lot Size vs. Income, color coded by the outcome variable owner/nonowner. Make sure to obtain a well-formatted plot (remove excessive background and gridlines; create legible labels and a legend, etc.). Hint: First sort the data by the outcome variable, and then plot the data for each category as separate series.
  2. Create the same plot, this time using an interactive visualization tool.
  3. Compare the two processes of generating the plot in terms of effort as well as the quality of the resulting plots. What are the advantages of each? Explain.


Please note XLMiner Explore is an interactive visualization tool for part b of 3.2 part b.

Your assignment results should be summarized in a report (Word document) which refer to the worksheets containing the charts in your final attached Spreadsheets.

Please note XLMiner Explore charts need to be screen shot to save.

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