2024 – 3 Refer to Table A The accounting costs for this firm are A 54 450

Refer To Table A. The Accounting Costs For This Firm Are – 2024


Refer to Table A. The accounting costs for this firm are

A) $54,450
B) $49,950
C) $36,000
D) $22,050
E) $18,450
F) $17,550
G) $13,950
H) $4,500
I) $0
Refer to Table A. The accounting profits for this firm are
A) $54,450
B) $49,950
C) $36,000
D) $22,050
E) $18,450
F) $17,550
G) $13,950
H) $4,500
I) $0
Refer to Table A. The implicit costs for this firm are
A) $54,450
B) $49,950
C) $36,000
D) $22,050
E) $18,450
F) $17,550
G) $13,950
H) $4,500
I) $0
Refer to Table A. The economic profits for this firm are
A) $54,450
B) $49,950
C) $36,000
D) $22,050
E) $18,450
F) $17,550
G) $13,950
H) $4,500
I) $0
Paul currently earns a salary of $1,540 per week as an economics instructor. His next best career would have been an assistant manager at Nittany Burger, where he would have earned $24 per hour, and would have worked for 40 hours per week. What weekly economic rent does Paul receive from being an economics instructor?
A) $960
B) $1,540
C) $24
D) $1,516
E) $580
F) $0 since he is in the his first chosen career

For these next five problems, use the above table. Hint: You will have to add some columns to the table in order to find more numbers. Look at Lessons > Supplements > Cost and Product Math Practice for some great practice in doing this type of problem!

In Table B, what is the APL when 3 workers are hired?

A) 3 sandwiches
B) 8 sandwiches
C) 12 sandwiches
D) 24 sandwiches
In Table B, what is the marginal product of labor for the 4th worker?
A) 16 sandwiches
B) 24 sandwiches
C) 40 sandwiches
D) 10 sandwiches
In Table B, diminishing MPL begins with which worker? In other words, which is the first worker who adds less output than the previous worker?
A) first worker
B) second worker
C) third worker
D) fourth worker
E) fifth worker
F) sixth worker
G) seventh worker
H) eighth worker
I) we do not see diminishing MPL in the table yet.
In Table B, assume all workers get paid the same wage rate of w = $60. Assume that there are no costs associated with capital (TFC = 0).

Hint: You can add the MC column to the table and use MC = (w / MPL) to fill it in.

Which of the following is true?

A) The marginal cost of sandwiches made by the 6th worker is $2.
B) The sandwich with the lowest marginal cost was made by worker #4.
C) The marginal cost of sandwiches increases when L increases from 3 to 4
D) The marginal cost of sandwiches increases when L increases from 6 to 7
E) The marginal cost of all sandwiches is the same.
F) Both [A] and [D] are true.
In Table B, assume all workers get paid the same wage rate of w = $60. Assume that there are no costs associated with capital (TFC = 0).

Hint: You can add the TC and TVC columns to the table. The costs are found using the costs associated with hiring more workers. Another hint: If TFC = 0, then TC = TVC !!

Which of the following is true?

A) The average variable cost of sandwiches will always decrease when we hire more workers since we are spreading overhead costs
B) The average variable cost of sandwiches begins to increase with worker #3
C) The average variable cost of sandwiches is minimized when L = 4
D) The average variable cost of sandwiches is $6 when 6 workers are employed
E) The average variable cost of sandwiches is $5 when 5 workers are employed
Which of the following would be a fixed input to an automobile firm?
A) Steel
B) A factory in Detroit
C) Car batteries
D) Engineers
In economics, how long is the long run?
A) More than 12 months
B) 24 months or longer
C) 5 years or more
D) Whatever time it takes a firm to vary all inputs
Dave’s Dogs is a firm that originally sold hotdogs and soft drinks from a cart located in front of City Hall. Then Dave purchased another hotdog cart and hired someone to sell hotdogs and soft drinks near the high school. Both locations have been successful. When Dave’s Dogs expanded to two locations, which of the following did NOT occur?
A) Dave’s production function changed.
B) Production increased.
C) The company increased the inputs it employs.
D) The firm employed additional capital.
If the average product of 20 workers is 100 bushels of wheat and the average product of 21 workers of wheat is 99 bushels of wheat, then the marginal product of the 21st worker was
A) -1 bushel of wheat.
B) 5 bushels of wheat.
C) 79 bushels of wheat.
D) 99 bushels of wheat.
The law of diminishing marginal product is a statement
A) that concerns changes in variable input and changes in output.
B) that concerns the long run.
C) that concerns changes in profits.
D) that relates to plant size.
If average variable costs are increasing while average total costs are decreasing, then
A) marginal cost must lie between average variable and average total costs.
B) marginal cost must equal average variable cost.
C) marginal cost must equal average total cost.
D) fixed costs must be zero.
Choco Goodness is a firm that produces chocolate candy bars. Which is NOT a short run variable input for this firm?
A) Sugar
B) Assembly line workers
C) The big chocolate-stirring machines
D) Packaging materials
FatGear Corporation has recently finished building a new factory. They moved into the factory a month ago and found that it is the perfect size given the amount they want to produce. FatGear is operating in the
A) production time
B) corporation time
C) long run
D) short run
E) profitable margin
If a firm gets so large that management of employees and other resources becomes a costly problem, it will be experiencing
A) diseconomies of scale.
B) diminishing marginal product.
C) constant returns to scale.
D) economies of scale.
Suppose a firm doubles its output in the long run. At the same time the average cost of production remains unchanged. We can conclude that the firm is
A) exploiting the economies of scale available to it.
B) facing constant returns to scale.
C) facing diseconomies of scale.
D) not using the available technology efficiently.

In the above figure, point B is called

A) the maximum efficient scale.
B) the minimum efficient scale.
C) the planning horizon.
D) the point of diminishing marginal product.
When total product is rising,
A) fixed cost must be rising.
B) marginal product must be positive.
C) variable cost must be declining.
D) marginal product must be negative.
Which of the following activities is not included in the production process?
A) Determining the value of the goods
B) Making the goods
C) Packaging the goods
D) Transporting the goods
Suppose that when the level of output for the firm increases from 100 to 110 units, its total costs increase from $500 to $700. What is the firm’s marginal cost?
A) $5
B) $7
C) $20
D) $200
As a firm continues to produce additional output, which of the following will continue to decline as output expands?
A) average total costs
B) marginal costs
C) average fixed costs
D) opportunity costs
The addition to total costs associated with the production of one more unit of output is referred to as
A) average cost.
B) marginal cost.
C) opportunity cost.
D) overhead cost.
If average total cost is decreasing as more and more units are produced, then marginal cost must be
A) rising
B) constant
C) negative
D) below average total cost
E) equal to average total cost
Production functions indicate the relationship between
A) factor costs and output prices.
B) factor inputs and the quantity of output.
C) the value of inputs and average costs.
D) factor inputs and factor prices.
Changes in production functions are associated with changes in
A) the level of output.
B) demand.
C) the levels of costs.
D) technology.
Which of the following statements is FALSE?
A) Included in the firm’s short-run production function are both fixed and variable inputs.
B) An efficient firm can obtain more output than the production function shows.
C) The production function shows the technical relationship between a firm’s inputs and outputs.
D) The production function presents the technically efficient methods of combining inputs to produce output.



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