2024 – Answer the following questions based on your reading Your answers to the questions should be

Johnson And Johnson: A Model For Sustainability Reporting – 2024

Answer the following questions based on your reading. Your answers to the questions should be in short-answer or paragraph form. Use complete sentences and note that spelling and grammar are important. Other than the article, you do not need to include any citations, you do not need a cover page or abstract for this assignment.
1.What is a definition of sustainability reporting?
 2.What types of initiatives does sustainability include?
 3.Who are the stakeholders of sustainability reporting?
 4.What are J&J’s two purposes for publishing sustainability reports?
 5.What are the two theories on why companies produce sustainability reports?
 6.How has paragraph content shifted or changed from the early reports to the newest reports at J&J.
 7.What are the benefits of sustainability reporting as described by J&J.
8.How does sustainability reporting mitigate risk?
 9.What has been the issue with the positive, negative, and neutral tone of the sustainability reports?
 10.What are the potential pros and cons of third-party assurance?
 11.What does J&J recommend for sustainability reporting to be beneficial?

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