2024 – APA format need FOUR page please double space each question one references This case study

case study – 2024

  APA format,need FOUR page, please double space,each question one references!

This case study is meant to introduce students to a relatively simple supply chain, but one that encounters challenges common in all supply chain systems. It also focuses on a non-profit application of supply chain management.

Working in teams, provide one response per team to each of the following questions. Be sure to follow APA guidelines included on the course Blackboard site.

Address the following questions (in at least one case, find an article that supports your statements):

1. What are three important differences between a for-profit supply chains and a non-profit supply chain? Explain, based on concepts derived from the case study, your own personal experiences, and/or publications.

2. From an operational perspective, what were three important challenges faced by the Brazos Valley Food Bank? Explain.

3. Consider each of the three strategies under consideration (education, raising additional money, and cutting costs). In each case, suggest one way that the strategy could be developed and implemented. 

4. For the three strategies under consideration, which do you recommend and why?

Your team should submit one Word file, with a title page containing your names and the case study name. 

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