2024 – Complete Section 1 Goals and Activities in the strategic alignment worksheet SAW for both functional areas For

HOW MUCH – 2024


Complete Section 1: Goals and Activities in the strategic alignment worksheet (SAW) for both functional areas. For this assessment, complete only Section 1 in each worksheet.

  • Develop three new departmental goals (in addition to those provided in the worksheets).
  • Identify activities that support achievement of each goal, and list the achievement deadline for completing each activity.


Write a 2–3-page reflection analyzing the work you just completed for your SAWs. In your reflection, address the following questions:

  • Why is planning important to strategic management in a functional area? What are the risks of not planning?
  • How is planning important to the achievement of organizational goals?
  • For each of the functional areas you have addressed, analyze factors that define and shape management (such as the economy, customer needs and wants, and innovation). What is the relative influence of these factors (which of them have more impact than others)?
  • What research did you use to support your work in arriving at the goals and activities? Use APA style and formatting to cite your sources.
  • What current or past experience did you draw from for this assessment, if any?

Submit all three of the following as attachments to this assessment:

  1. Your SAW for the human resources area, with only Section 1 completed.
  2. Your SAW for the additional functional area you chose, with only Section 1 completed.
  3. Your reflection paper.


In this course, you will complete four assessments based on the Atha Corporation case study. Based on the scenario provided in the Atha Corporation materials, you will simulate an organization-wide strategy of goal setting and achievement by creating alignment between daily activities, department objectives, and organizational goals. As a manager of the fictional Atha Corporation, you will examine two functional areas within the organization:

  • The human resources functional area.
  • Your choice of one of the following three additional functional areas:
    1. Sales and marketing.
    2. Operations and production.
    3. Accounting and finance.

For each functional area (both the human resources area and your additional chosen functional area), you will create a strategic alignment worksheet (SAW), developing different sections of both forms through successive course assessments.

 You will also create organizational charts for both functional areas. Note that you are expected to choose your second functional area in this assessment, and to continue to use that same functional area throughout the course.

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