2024 – Description Read carefully Chapter 3 and 4 Revise Power Point Presentations Answer the following Questions This exercise may be

Week 2 assignment – 2024

2024 – Description Read carefully Chapter 3 and 4 Revise Power Point Presentations Answer the following Questions This exercise may be.


Description Read carefully Chapter 3 and 4. Revise Power Point Presentations. Answer the following Questions.

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Instructions Multiple Attempts This test allows multiple attempts. Force Completion This test can be saved and resumed later. Expand Question Completion Status: Save All Answers Save and Submit QUESTION 1 1. One of the main reasons for HIPAA regulations is to combat waste, fraud, and abuse. True False 0.

5 points QUESTION 2 1.

Health insurance portability

a. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

b. Health Information Portability and Accounting Action

c. Health Information Probability and Accountability Act

d. Health Insurance Potential and Achievement Act 0.5 points QUESTION 3 1. HIPPA provides DHHS with several layers of authority. Which of the following is part of this designated authority?

a. ability to specify the medical and administrative code sets

b. empowered to require use of national identification systems

Personally identifiable health information

c. may specify the types of measures required to protect the security and privacy of personally identifiable health information

d. a & b

e. a, b, & c QUESTION 4 1. Health information systems play a primary role in the delivery of health care. True False 0.5 points QUESTION 5 1. Health information records are the health care provider’s legal document of patient care. True False 0.5 points QUESTION 6 1. The protections afforded by the HIPAA administrative simplification provisions establish a floor of protections, allowing states and localities the ability to enact more stringent protections.

True False 0.5 points QUESTION 7 1. Fraud and abuse are very prevalent in the United States.

a. 25-30%


b. 15-20%

c. less that 5%

d. over 50% 0.5 points QUESTION 8 1. Which law enforcement agency(ies) is/are responsible for fraud and abuse investigations?

a. Office of Inspector General of DHHS

Postal inspection service

b. Postal Inspection Service

c. Federal Bureau of Investigation

d. Defense Critical Investigative Services

e. All of the above QUESTION 9 1. The term “separation of powers” refers to the division of power between the different court systems. True False 0.5 points QUESTION 10 1. A subpoena duces tecum is best defined as

Command issued

a. A command issued by a court or other authorized official to appear and/or present certain documents and other items.

b. A command to produce books, documents, and other physical items.

c. A judge’s ruling which authorizes disclosure that would otherwise be prohibited by statute and regulation. 0.5 points QUESTION 11 1. Codes of ethics are binding agreements that are written specifically for each professional area. True False 0.5 points QUESTION 12 1. Ethics and morals are recognized as being so similar they are used interchangeably.

True False 0.5 points QUESTION 13 1. Patients in today’s health care systems are playing an increasingly active role in their own care. True False 0.5 points QUESTION 14 1.

a. Association of Gene Research

Healthcare initiative project

b. Healthcare Initiative Project

c. United Network for Organ Sharing

d. Human Genome Project QUESTION 15 1. Which of the following is a document, executed while a patient is competent, that provides direction as to medical care the patient should receive in the event they are incapacitated or unable to make personal decisions?

a. durable power of attorney

b. living will

Common ethical challenges

c. advance direction 0.5 points QUESTION 16 1. Values is the basis for ethics, morals, etiquette, and law. True False 0.5 points QUESTION 17 1. The most common ethical challenges for HIM are coding-reimbursement and protection of sensitive information. True False 0.5 points QUESTION 18 1. Withholding treatment and withdrawing treatment are example of active euthanasia.

True False 0.5 points QUESTION 19 1. An order is placed in a patient’s chart that is called a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) or “no code.

a. active euthanasia

b. passive euthanasia

c. an illegal order

d. durable power of attorney

QUESTION 20 1. Which of the following is/are true about ethical challenges?

a. There is no clear-cut answer that exists.

b. They often occur when relationships and obligations clash.

c. They may occur when attempting to make a choice between two equally unfavorable alternatives.

d. All of the above.

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