2024 – Distinguish between reliability and character based trust Why is character based trust critical in

Transportation logistics management 312 – 2024

Distinguish between reliability and character-based trust. Why is character-based trust critical in collaborative relationships? 

Respond  each post(3) 100 word minimum and please answer each one in order.


Reliability trust is essentially what the words mean, being trusted to be reliable.  In short, it is the understanding or perception that the manufacturer or company is able and willing to perform as agreed or promised.  If you cannot believe that a supply chain is able to perform, they will lose their credibility and be deemed incapable and perceived as unreliable.  The supplier will be unworthy of a trusting relationship.  For example, in my career we deal with a couple of commercial carriers.  We inspect their performance frequently and if they do not perform as expected, we write them up and file a grievance.  When it is time to renew service agreements, these grievances will be brought to the table.

Character based trust is pretty much exactly what the words mean, based on the character of the manufacturer or company.  In short, it is the ability to have the best intentions and welfare of the participants in mind based on their leadership, philosophy and culture traits.  This trust is based on the understanding that the supplier will not act without considering the impact of those actions on the participants.  We have many systems in the military that are based on this type of trust. 

Trust, both reliability and character based are important in supply chain relationships between the manufacturer or company and the participants or partners.  Character base trust is critical in collaboration relationships because it is the type of trust that has a personnel touch to it.  Everyone involved is looking out for the welfare and best interests of everyone else.  All participants have a somewhat loyal feeling and stake involved.  It is much stronger than just being reliable.


Reliability – based trust is grounded in an organization’s perception of a potential partner’s actual behavior and operating performance. Character –based trust is based in an organization’s culture, leadership, and philosophy. Because it is clear that reliability-based trust is necessary to the formation of collaborative relationships in supply chains, but it is not a sufficient condition. For example, a partner who frequently threatens to punish and consistently follows through with that punishment can be said to have reliability. It is not likely, however, to be trusted in character. Trust clearly develops over time and repeated interactions among organization. In particular, character-based trust evolves when partners perceive that each acts fairly and equitably with the others. Notions of character- based trust are especially relevant when one supply chain partner is clearly more powerful than the others.


According to Dictionary.com reliability is the ability to be relied on or depended on, as for accuracy, honesty, or achievement. Character-based trust are features and traits that show trustworthiness and the person will have follow through on what they have set out for. The difference to me seems that character-based trust is an actual person and they have the ability to follow through because of their reliability.  Reliability may also come from the business itself and may be harder to pull the business out of a hole, because they cannot always start with a clean slate, like an individual.

Character –based trust is based in an organization’s culture, leadership, and philosophy. Character-based trust is critical in collaborative relationships because you want to be able to trust on someone that is reliable and trustworthy to get certain tasks completed. Also, this person has to be a somewhat outgoing personality that can form relationships quite easily. With simple gestures like making eye contact, and shaking hands. As the relationship grows in time this person in fact will become trustworthy or will not.  

When both Character-based trust and reliability are combined in a person or a few people in a supply chain it will help the business grow, I think that this is mostly due to there being a high need for communication and follow through during the supply chain processes, especially when all involved are not in the same area. When all members of the chain “team” have something to lose or something to gain he members will work harder to stay reliable and keep the processes moving forwards.  

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