2024 – E23 16 Preparing a flexible budget performance report E23 16 Stenback Pro Company managers received the following incomplete performance

Stenback Pro Company Managers Received The Following Incomplete Performance Report: – 2024

E23-16 Preparing a flexible budget performance report


E23-16 Stenback Pro Company managers received the following incomplete performance report:



Flexible Budget Performance Report

For the Year Ended July 31, 2014

                                            Actual                              Flexible Budget             Flexible                      Sales                                      Static

                                           Results                             Variance                         Budget                        Volume

                                                                                                                                                                Variance                                 Budget                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Units                              39,000                              (a)                    39,000               3,000       F                   (g)

Sales Revenue             $218,000                          (b)                $218,000           $27,000      F                  (h)

Variable Expenses           84,000                          (c)                    81,000              10,000      U                  (i)

Contribution Margin   $134,000                         (d)                  137,000              17,000      F                  (j)

Fixed Expenses              108,000                          (e)                  101,000                        0                          (k)

Operating Income       $  26,000                          (f)                   $36,000              17,000     F                   (l)



Complete the performance report. Identify the employee group that may deserve praise and the group that may be subject to criticism. Give your reasoning.

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