2024 – E8 16 Variable manufacturing overhead Variance analysis Esquire Clothing is a manufacturer of

E8-16 and E8-17 – Overhead Variances – 2024



Variable manufacturing overhead, Variance analysis.


  Esquire Clothing is a manufacturer of designer suits. The cost of each suit is the sum of three variable costs (direct material costs, direct manufacturing labor costs, and manufacturing overhead costs) and one fixed – cost category (manufacturing overhead costs.) Variable manufacturing overhead cost is allocated to each suiton the basis of budgeted direct manufacturing labor hours per suit.

For June 2014, each suit is budgeted to take 4 labor hours. Budgeted variable manufacturing overhead cost per labor hour is $12. The budgeted number of suits to be manufactured in June 2014 is 1,040. 

Actual Variable manufacturing costs in June 2014 were $52,164 for 1,080 suits startedand completed. There were no beginning or ending inventories of suits. Actual direct manufacturing labor hours for June were 4,536.

1. Compute the flexible -budget variance, the spending variance, and the efficiency variance for variable manufacturing overhead.

2. Comments on the results.






Fixed manufacturing overhead, varihead, variance analysis (Continuation of 8-16).

Esquire clothing allocates fixed manufacturing overhead to each suit using budgeted direct manufacturing labor hours per suit. Data pertaining to fixed manufacturing overhead costs for June 2014 are budgeted $62,400 and actual $63,916.

1. Compute  the spending variance for fixed manufacturing overhead. Comment on the results.

2. Compute the production-volume for June 2014. What interference can Esquire Clothing draw from this  variance.



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