2024 – For the next eight weeks we will be visiting with Jane Clive the current IT department head

BMGT 305 week 1 – 2024

For the next eight weeks, we will be visiting with Jane Clive the current IT department head at the Chicago North America Branch of the airline freight delivery service. GDD has grown rapidly but is currently suffering stagnant growth due to strong market competition. Jane is acutely aware that there is a need to become more efficient and to work together across the company to define ways to strategically plan an initiative that will encourage company growth with a competitive edge. Jane also knows that much of this initiative could be led efficiently with a knowledge management office and department.  Jane decided that she is going to make it her challenge to convince President Rockfish to consider letting her put together a knowledge management office and hire a knowledge management manager. To begin her campaign Jane has decided to send him a memo to begin conversations on the value of knowledge management to an organization. Being very busy she has asked you to complete the memo for her edit.

  • Review all materials related to the GDD case study.
  • Using your own words and based on this week’s readings create an office memo addressed to CEO Mr. Rockfish explaining why it is imperative that the company create a new KM department at GDD. Be sure to include discussion surrounding the interdisciplinary nature, the value using KM processes to share information has to an organization and why the KM cycle with its dynamic nature fits the change and innovation needs in business today. 
  • The memo must be persuasive! Use words that show enthusiasm, are descriptive and present the strongest arguments you can make to support your need to bring a KM department on board.
  • You must use course material to support your responses and APA in-text citations with a reference list.

Read chapter 1 & 2


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