2024 – i ofto make a speech at work i am being offered a leadership assignment

Need Your Help To Write A Speech – 2024

i ofto make a speech at work, i am being offered a leadership assignment, and need to express to the staff that i value them and want we all to work as a team, also to let them know that there might be times that i will need to come to them to carry out a task and although i wish i did not have to  these are things that will be necessary for a smooth transaction at work.


basically i have a competition who feels that she can get people to come together and work in a tranquel environment better than i can but i am compassionate and feel i can do a better job than this person if everyone participate,  also to include that i am open for suggestion because as i say before your opinion  values, 


basically, i am trying to make these people want to come to work and be happy at work, but do not want a problem out of them if they are assign a task.


need this speech to be professionally written thanks 

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