2024 – NO PLAGIARISM Country Research Assignment II Monetary Environment Analysis Does it have a city

Research Assignment – 2024


2024 – NO PLAGIARISM Country Research Assignment II Monetary Environment Analysis Does it have a city.



>country research assignment

Country Research Assignment

II.   Monetary Environment Analysis                                                                                                                       


·         Does it have a city that is an important financial center?

·         What volume of bonds is traded on the country’s bond market?

·         How has the stock market(s) performed over the past year?

·         What is the current exchange rate between its currency and the U.S. dollars as of the beginning of this month?

·         Use the country’s currency as the base currency to report a direct quote of the country’s currency.

·         What is the percentage of change in exchange rates compared to last month and last year?


·         Reference the Appendix in Chapter 9 (p.248) for the calcula1on of the percent change in exchange rates.

·         Your task is to determine the percentage of change in the country’s currency over one month and one year period – in rela1on to the U.S. dollar. Show the calcula1on in your assignment submission.

·         Is there any restric1on on the exchange of the country’s currency?


socio-cultural environmental analysis

·         Socio-cultural environmental analysis (cultural determinants, cultural dimensions, cultural norms)



 IV.   Entry Strategy

·         Identify an ideal entry mode and explain how this entry mode can best leverage your advantage and disadvantages as a US business investor.



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