2024 – Operation Strategy and supply chain Management check the attached case study titled Galanz Microwave oven LTD QUESTIONS 1 How should

Operation Strategy And Supply Chain Management – 2024

Operation Strategy and supply chain Management:



check the attached case study titled Galanz (Microwave oven LTD)


1.How should Galanz align its competitive strategy with the current operations configuration characterized by the combination of OEM, OBM and ODM?

2. Should Galanz continue its pervasive low-cost strategy?Would the development and growth of the OBM business in the overseas market negatively influence the OEM business? And if so, how should Liang respond?How could the company’s R&D, production and marketing functions effectively support the requirements of OEM, OBM and ODM customers?

3. How should the company set priorities and utilize its resources and capabilities to gain competitive advantages in the marketplace?Should Galanz continue to expand its production capacity of magnetrons through outsourcing?What would be the impact of this in the long run?

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