2024 – Part one 1 What is the difference between sex and gender you may need to

Chapter Nine – 2024

 Part one: 1. What is the difference between sex and gender (you may need to google this answer). 2. What is sex discrimination and what groups are protected by it? Summarize the three suggestions of Mannix and Neale regarding managing diversity within teams. 3. How can barriers present for women such as in the military be removed to create fair workplaces and organizations? 4.

What are managers to do in cases of “potential sexual harassment”? 5. What type of sexual harassment policy protects employees? Should it only protect women, why or why not? 6. Is history that we learn in PK-12 school years inclusive? Are the stereotypes of women exacerbated because women are put in a box and much of their history is not shared? (take the women’s history quiz at the bottom—submit your results).

Do not look the answers up and state if you were taught about these significant women in history. Some of you will say I can not remember the same for men but this is not about remembering it is about women’s achievements being included in history classes that are not specifically “women’s history” indicating that what we don’t know sends as much a message as what we do know.

If you are not taught about certain groups contributions to society, what message does this send? Part two: After reading page 178, “Seeing Discrimination” (1) Why shouldn’t organizations rely on people to come forward? (2) Why should qualifications and performance measures be scrutinized? (3) What is meant by “seeing” discrimination? Part three: After reading pages 190-191 “Policies on consensual relationships at work”, explain if you think such an agreement should be utilized in the workplace why or why not.

Take the Women’s History Quiz Do not use an encyclopedia, the Internet or any other resource to determine the answers to the questions 1-14 below. The knowledge MUST come from your own mind, and if you don’t know the answer just leave the question blank. 1. First woman to receive a medical degree in the U.

S.? 2. First Black woman to become a millionaire? 3. Led the first revolt in Southeast Asia against the Chinese? 4. First U.S. woman foreign correspondent? 5. First African American and first woman of a southern state to serve in congress? 6. First woman to travel in space? 7. First woman to rule as emperor in Chinese history? 8.

First woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross? 9. First woman member of a U.S. Cabinet? 10. Considered the first modern novelist? 11. First published poet in American history? 12. Warrior Queen who fought against the Roman conquerors of Britain? 13. First woman and first Latino surgeon general of the United States? 14.

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