2024 – Please answering following questions 1 Please read the document on Ethical Decision Making See attachment below a Once you ve read

Management 2 – 2024

Please answering following questions:


1. Please read the document on Ethical Decision Making. (See attachment below)

a). Once you’ve read article, please discuss what you thought was most interesting about this article.

b). Identify a few specific practices on what you can do to become a more ethical person, employee and future manager


2. On page 35 in your textbook(See attachment below), there is a section on Ethics, “Tracking Technology Monitors Worker Behavior,” please read this section.  Please discuss your thoughts to the following questions:

a). Should the use of tracking technology to monitor employee behavior be regulated by law, OR is it a practice that Employers have automatic rights to use at their discretion since an employee takes the job knowing he/she can/will be monitored?

b). What message does the use of tracking technology communicate to the employees?

c). Would you be comfortable taking a job where your actions would be tracked regularly by technology (not just what you do on the computer)?


3. In your textbook on page 42, please read the profile on “Employers Differ on Hiring and Retention Strategies,” profiling hiring preferences between Facebook and Zappos. 

a). Based on reading this segment, which organization would you prefer to join Facebook or Zappos, and Why did you make this choice. 

b). How could making a choice like this impact your career for the next decade (if it were a real choice)?.


4. In your textbook on page 60, Please read section “Manager Behavior Key to Ethical Workplace,” then review video Ethics and Management, then and answer the following


a). Are there any surprises in the data shared about ethical behavior in the workplace, and if so, what surprised you?

b). Do you believe as a future manager, you have an obligation to model ethical behavior to your employees, peers and your own managers – Why or Why not?

c). Have you ever felt like you had to commit an unethical act at work to keep your job or get some type of reward or acknowledgment- Yes or No?  If you Yes, how do feel in retrospect about that experience?


5. On page 73 in your textbook, under the Reflect on the Self-Assessment, please follow the instructions on the Terminal Values assessment, complete parts 1, 2 and 3.  Once you completed the instructions for Terminal Values, then Answer only Questions A and B (NOT C or D unless you want to) in the interpretation section of the values assessment, on top of page 74.

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