2024 – PowerPoint 1 Description of the different methods of Baptism and Communion also

Power Point Assignment – 2024

1.  Description of the different methods of Baptism and Communion (also known as Lord’s Supper or the Eucharist).
2.  The Roman Empire in Jesus’ Day.  (Not the emperors nor the city of Rome, those are separate questions.)
3.  Discuss the geography/topography of Israel in Jesus’ day, and give a description of Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Jerusalem in Jesus’ day.
4.  A biography of Herod the Great, a description of how Israel was divided up among Herod’s sons after his death, and a short biography of each of his 3 sons.
5.   Describe where Paul went on his 3 missionary trips and the trip he took after he was arrested in Jerusalem and taken to Rome.
6.  Describe the years AD 66 to 70 (When the Jews rebelled against Rome and won, when Rome came back and occupied Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple) and the Masada incident in AD 73.
7.  Describe Jesus’ activities on Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Jesus was crucified) and then Thursday through Sunday of the following week.  This will include the Last Supper (which Jewish ceremony was this, what did they eat, what Christian ceremony did Jesus begin), through the events of that night including when Jesus was arrested, the different places he was taken during the night, his crucifixion the next day (Friday), and what the Gospels say about Jesus rising from the dead on Sunday.




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