2024 – Qualitative Methodology Your research question may or may not be appropriately answered using Qualitative Research methodology In this assignment

Qualitative Methodology – 2024

Qualitative Methodology

Your research question may or may not be appropriately answered using Qualitative Research methodology. In this assignment you will apply what you have learned about qualitative methodology from the readings and the Assignment 1 discussion to your own research question. If your research question is best answered using Qualitative methodology, stick with it and complete the critique below. If not, how might you alter your question so that it may be answered using qualitative methodology? Although research is driven by questions, for this assignment we are going to turn it around so we may explore the benefits and differences of various types of methodologies. Adjust your question to fit a qualitative design and complete the critique below.

For instance, if you are asking the question “What are the most effective interactions students have with faculty mentors?” which is best investigated using quantitative methodology, you can ask a similar question “What are the perceptions of students regarding their experiences with faculty mentors” that would be answered best using qualitative methodology including unstructured interviews.

By Monday, February 8, 2016 complete the following research critique for the Qualitative research you propose.

  1. Research Topic:
  2. Purpose of the Study:
  3. Overarching Research Question:
  4. Specific Research Questions/ Hypotheses:
  5. Type of Study: Qualitative
  •  Qualitative Research method design: (case study, ethnography, phenomenology, document reviews, etc.)
  • Procedure/Paradigms: (How was the data collected? What was the sampling strategy used?)
  • Variables/Concepts: (What will you examine in this research?)
  • Rigor: (How will rigor be assured? Discuss credibility, dependability, transferability and confirmability as appropriate.)
  • Data collection/ analysis: (Discuss data collection, analysis and saturation.)
  • Consent: (What type of consent, if any, will be obtained from the participants?)
  • If your topic was not originally best suited for a qualitative design: What did you need to change to adjust your research to fit a qualitative design? How does this design address your overarching topic differently? Discuss the differences in the type of information you would gain by using this research design.

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

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