2024 – Question 1 Many of the communication technologies significantly limit or eliminate forms

BUS 322 QUIZ 5 – 2024


Question 1 

Many of the communication technologies significantly limit or eliminate ________ forms of communication.









Question 2 

Passive-aggressive communication and behavior frequently end up as:


dominant defensive behavior.


nonassertive behavior.


accommodative and helpful behavior.


nondefensive behavior.

Question 3 

The evoking of a shared, or common, meaning in another person is known as ________.






a response pattern


a message

Question 4 

In which of the following communication situations can nonverbal communication be utilized?


Committee meeting




Voice mail


Telephone call

Question 5 

The window through which we interact with people and influence the quality, accuracy, and clarity of the communication is called ________.


a perceptual screen


a communication filter


an interpretation funnel


the communication vacuum

Question 6 

Friends typically interact within one’s:


intimate space.


personal distance zone.


social distance zone.


public distance zone.

Question 7 

In nonverbal communication, the study of body movements, including posture, is known as ________.









Question 8 

Americans generally do not like to communicate with their business associates within their:


social distance.


personal distance.


intimate distance.


public distance.

Question 9 

A communication medium that is moderate in both information richness and data capacity is:


the telephone.


electronic mail.


face-to-face discussion.


formal numeric report.

Question 10 

All of the following are included in reflective listening except:


affirming contact.


clarifying the implicit.





Question 11 

In the context of nonverbal communication, ________ consists of variations in speech, such as pitch, loudness, tempo, tone, duration, laughing, and crying.








polyphasic activity

Question 12 

Studies have shown that using computer-mediated communication tends to result in an increase in ________.








proxemic behavior

Question 13 

Which of the following approaches must a supervisor avoid in order to reduce communication barriers?


Minimizing jargon and technical   language


Encouraging formation of   nonhierarchical working relationships


Providing cross-cultural training


Encouraging men and women to interact   the same way

Question 14 

All of the following are forms of incivility except:






social swearing.



Question 15 

One-way communication in contrast to two-way communication:


is especially more accurate for   complex tasks.


solicits interaction.


allows for reflective listening.


is especially faster.

Question 16 

For successful chief executive officers, the peak performance years mostly occur at about:


two years.


ten years.


seven years.


three years.

Question 17 

A ________ is a multicultural top team in which all but one member come from the same background.


bicultural group


homogeneous group


token group


multicultural group

Question 18 

An effective team exhibits:


no weaknesses.


shared leadership.


intragroup conflict.


formal, designated leadership.

Question 19 

The two sets of social benefits available to team or group members includes:


participation and integrated   involvement.


integrated involvement and   achievement.


psychological intimacy and   recognition.


psychological intimacy and integrated   involvement.

Question 20 

Cooperative rewards in work teams will have the most effective impact on:


speed of performance.


accuracy of performance.


individual satisfaction.


none of these.

Question 21 

According to the research done by Hambrick and Fukutomi, in which of the following seasons of a CEO’s tenure is his or her power at the lowest?


Response to a mandate




Selection of an enduring theme



Question 22 

All of the following are considered important work process issues except:




competitive behaviors.


cooperative behaviors.


role specification.

Question 23 

The development of group cohesiveness is negatively influenced by:


internal competition.


prestige of the group.


external pressure.


group size when there are only five   to eight members.

Question 24 

Integrated involvement as a social benefit of group or team membership includes:


emotional support.


affection and warmth.


opportunity for influence.


emotional isolation.

Question 25 

Social loafing is usually:


a norm of behavior within a group.


supportive of the development of   group cohesion.


weighs heavy on a group’s efforts and   achievements.


a stimulant to increased group   performance.

Question 26 

All of the following would be considered positive norms of behavior within a group except:


consensus decision making.


shared leadership.


social loafing.


open discussion.

Question 27 

A “wild turkey” in the top management team is:


someone who is uncontrollable.


a devil’s advocate who challenges the   thinking of the CEO and other top executives.


a member of the executive team that   retards the executive team’s performance.


one who increases the homogeneity   within the executive group.

Question 28 

Work teams place a strong emphasis on:


shared leadership.


personal accountability


exclusive work products.


individual leadership.

Question 29 

The standards that a work group uses to evaluate the behavior of its members are called ________.


task functions


work processes


norms of behavior


superordinate goals

Question 30 

At which of the following stages of group development is a leader’s role primarily to recognize his or her group’s achievements?









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