2024 – Question 1 You are making your first export shipment List five expenses you might incur that you wouldn t

Economic Assignment – 2024

Question 1:


You are making your first export shipment.  List five expenses you might incur that you wouldn’t have in a domestic shipment.  Where are five places you can get help with your export shipment.

When will you know it is time to stop exporting to a certain area and establish a presence (FDI) in that area?



Question 2


 What is the EXIM bank and how does it benefit the US economy?



Question 3


 How does countertrade benefit a developing nation?  What might an oil company do with $250,000 worth of contraband hardwood that they received from a developing nation for payment for a shipment of oil?



Question 4


 Read the Management Focus case “Phillips in China” on page 558.  What are three benefits and three risks that Phillips will encounter when shifting so much of its global production to China?  How might Phillips reduce these risks?





Question 5


 Choose a real or hypothetical product and tell how you might market it differently in another country.  What are at least three ways in which you would get help in this marketing campaign.f (Language and culture are huge factors)




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