2024 – Rae Company made a purchase of merchandise on credit from Tyree Corporation on August 3 for 7 000 terms 2 10

Rae Company made a purchase of merchandise on credit from Tyree Corporation on August 3, for $7,000, terms – 2024

2024 – Rae Company made a purchase of merchandise on credit from Tyree Corporation on August 3 for 7 000 terms 2 10.

Rae Company made a purchase of merchandise on credit from Tyree Corporation on August 3, for $7,000, terms 2/10, n/45. On August 10, Rae makes the appropriate payment to Tyree. The entry on August 10 for Rae Company is


>accounts payable7

Accounts Payable7,000







>accounts payable7

Accounts Payable7,000



Accounts Payable6,860






>accounts payable7

Accounts Payable7,000

Purchase Returns and Allowances140







Partridge Bookstore had 500 units on hand at January 1, costing $18 each. Purchases and sales during the month of January were as follows:



Jan. 14375 @ $28

17250 @ $20

25250 @ $22


29260 @ $32


Partridge does not maintain perpetual inventory records. According to a physical count, 365 units were on hand at January 31. The cost of the inventory at January 31, under the FIFO method is:








Periodic inventory system

Effie Company uses a periodic inventory system. Details for the inventory account for the month of January, 2013 are as follows:

UnitsPer unit priceTotal

Balance, 1/1/13200$5.00$1,000

Purchase, 1/15/131005.30530

Purchase, 1/28/131005.50550


An end of the month (1/31/13) inventory showed that 140 units were on hand. How many units did the company sell during January, 2013?








Fetherston Company’s goods in transit at December 31 include:

sales madepurchases made

(1) FOB destination(3) FOB destination

(2) FOB shipping point(4) FOB shipping point


Which items should be included in Fetherston’s inventory at December 31?


(1) and (3) 

(2) and (3) 

(1) and (4) 

(2) and (4


Romanoff Industries had the following inventory transactions occur during 2013:






The company sold 50 units at $70 each and has a tax rate of 30%. Assuming that a periodic inventory system is used, what is the company’s after-tax income using FIFO? (rounded to whole dollars)







GAAP’s provision for ownership of goods (goods-in-transit or consigned goods), as well as which costs to include in inventory, as compared to IFRS are:


      Ownership of goodsCosts to include in inventory 

essentially differentessentially similar 

essentially similaressentially similar 

essentially differentessentially different 

essentially similaressentially different


In the month of November, Kinsey Company Inc. wrote checks in the amount of $9,250. In December, checks in the amount of $12,658 were written. In November, $8,468 of these checks were presented to the bank for payment, and $10,883 were presented in December.







Bacher Company developed the following reconciling information in preparing its September bank reconciliation:

Cash balance per bank, 9/30$15,400

Note receivable collected by bank8,400

Outstanding checks8,000

Deposits in transit6,300

Bank service charge105

NSF check1,680


Using the above information, determine the cash balance per books (before adjustments) for the Bacher Company.







The daily cash count of cash register receipts made by department supervisors is an example of


other controls. 

segregation of duties. 

establishment of responsibility. 

independent internal verification.


An analysis and aging of the accounts receivable of Hugh Company at December 31 revealed the following data:

Accounts Receivable$800,000

Allowance for Doubtful Accounts per books

before adjustment (Cr.)50,000

Amounts expected to become uncollectible56,000


The cash realizable value of the accounts receivable at December 31, after adjustment, is:







In reviewing the accounts receivable, the cash realizable value is $14,000 before the write-off of a $1,500 account. What is the cash realizable value after the write-off?







Under the allowance method of accounting for uncollectible accounts,


Bad Debts Expense is debited when a specific account is written off as uncollectible. 

the cash realizable value of accounts receivable is greater before an account is written off than after it is written off. 

the cash realizable value of accounts receivable in the balance sheet is the same before and after an account is written off. 

Allowance for Doubtful Accounts is closed each year to Income Summary.


Herman Company has a debit balance of $5,000 in its Allowance for Doubtful Accounts before any adjustments are made at the end of the year. Based on review and aging of its accounts receivable at the end of the year, Herman estimates that $60,000 of its receivables are uncollectible.







A company has net credit sales of $950,000 for the year and it estimates that uncollectible accounts will be 2% of sales. If Allowance for Doubtful Accounts has a credit balance of $2,000 prior to adjustment, its balance after adjustment will be a credit of







When the allowance method of recognizing bad debts expense is used, the entry to recognize that expense


has no effect on net income. 

decreases current assets. 

increases net income. 

has no effect on current assets


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