2024 – Research Article IT344 Project Nature Analytical Assignment Individual or Group of Max two students

Assignment – 2024

Research Article IT344




Project Nature:

Analytical Assignment (Individual or


Group of Max two students)

Points possible :


Assignment Start Date: :


Assignment Close Date:




What is Research article?


Review articles provides summary of current state of the research on a particular topic. Ideally, the writer searches for everything relevant to the topic, and then sorts it all out into a comprehensible way. Review Articles will teach you about:


·         the main people working in a field

·         recent major advances and discoveries


·         significant gaps in the research

·         current debates

·         ideas of where research might go next


There are many benefits to reading research articles (Dunifon, 2005):


·         Research articles are the best source of tested, evidence-based information.


·         By going to the source of information, readers can draw their own conclusions about the quality of the research and its usefulness to their work.


·         Readers can use the research to inform decisions about their programs, including decisions about program development, design, or discontinuation.


·         Readers can incorporate the evidence into their practice or resource materials.




Project Description:


In this Project, Students are required to submit a research article on the topic related to Data Mining or Data warehouse.


Submit a research draft on the topic selected. Read at least 5 papers relevant to topic selected. The article should contain the following sections:


A. Introduction Section: You have to write at least one page introduction of the topicthat you have selected in your own words. The introduction should explain the topic in simple English.


You can use models or diagrams to explain the topic that you have selected. This section should not be more than two pages long.


B. Literature section: In this section, you have to describe research papers about thetopic in your own words. The literature review provides the reader with a summary of


other research related to the topic. It also addresses questions that remain unanswered or require additional research. In general, this is also the section where the authors’ research question is introduced, and hypotheses or anticipated results are stated.


The articles that you select have to be some journal papers or conference proceedings. However, you cannot describe webpages as literature. At least 70% of the literature selected should be published after 2011. All the articles should be properly referred in the section.


Do not copy any part of the article into your review. If you want to use more than 3-4 of the author’s words, then use quotation marks, and add reference of the article


C.  Methods: In this section, you have to introduce and explain major applications ofthe topic, which are currently in use. You can use models or diagrams to explain these applications. This section of the research article should outline the methodology the author(s) used in conducting the study. Including information on methods used allows readers to determine whether the study used appropriate research methods for the question being investigated.


D.  Results: State research findings in this section. The results are often displayed usingtables, charts, graphs or figures along with a written explanation.


E.  Conclusion: In this section, you have to write one-two paragraph summary of yourwhole research in your own words.


F.  References: In this section, you have to give proper references of the literature thatyou have presented in section B. The format that you will use for writing references is IEEE format.


The document format that you have to follow for this assignment is IEEE single column format for conference papers. This format is available on the following link;www.ece.utah.edu/~ece1270/_IEEE_Template_1col_2sp.doc


Important things to remember


1.      Use your own words. Do not copy/paste from internet. Safe Assign feature of blackboard will identify the text you have copied from internet and your marks

will be deducted.


1.      Do not copy/paste from any other group’s work. This will also be identified by


Safe Assign feature and your assignment will be cancelled and marked zero.


2.      Use diagrams/figures/models etc. to convey your topic properly. This will eventually help in increasing your marks.


3.      Do not forget to refer whenever you describe some research. Always follow the method of referencing as given in the template.


4.      Make sure to follow the deadline.

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