2024 – Research Paper One of your clients Harry s Auto Depot installs car stereos phones and

Research paper – 2024


Research Paper

One  of your clients, Harry’s Auto Depot, installs car stereos, phones and  alarm systems.  He has a showroom/retail shop and a garage installation  about ½ a mile away.  His business purchases the stereo systems, phones,  and alarms from high-tech manufacturers, and needs your help to  determine what type of accounting system he should use.  Do you suggest a  computerized or manual system?  What software would be beneficial for  him to purchase?  Does he need to hire someone to assist him with his  accounting? 

Note: Submit this assignment into TurnItIn

Write,  in a four page, double spaced, memo to Mr. Harry your client about this  situation. In your research paper, use APA format.

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