2024 – Sat 6 11 16 The CIO wants to make sure that your project schedule is accurate that the project does

Project Management Financial Assessments – 2024

 Sat, 6/11/16

The CIO wants to make sure that your project schedule is accurate, that the project does not bring big surprises that are not planned for, and that he can be sure that what is needed gets accomplished. Write a memo to him assuring him of how all these things are controlled; explain the value of PERT estimating, risk matrices, and earned value management.

Assignment Guidelines:

    • The value of PERT estimating
    • Risk matrices
    • Earned value management
  • In 750–1,000 words, address the following:
    • Explain how each of these above 3 project management elements affects the scheduling and controlling of a project.
    • Explain how each of the above 3 project management elements affects a project manager’s ability to make project and segment trade-offs.

Use correctly APA style formatted references of solid academic quality for resources and use correctly formatted APA style in-text citations to your references to substantiate information and positions as well as to give credit to other author’s work.

Word document should do the following:

    • Completely adhere to the assignment guidelines listed above.
    • Consist of 750–1,000 words.
    • Include a title page
    • Include a reference page using APA style to ensure that credit for others’ work is acknowledged.
      • The title and reference pages do not count as part of the total of 750–1,000 words.

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