2024 – The title of the final summary A Marketing Manager s Strategic Plan The final summary should address and

Essay Marketing – 2024

The title of the final summary “A Marketing Manager’s Strategic Plan”. The final summary should address and include all content listed in the final grading rubric requirement located in Moodle. You will utilize class discussion, textbook, PowerPoint’s and other resources to develop a strategic plan for a marketing manager.

The biggest challenge facing a marketing manager is the effort to continually assess the consumer, behavior in order to remain competitive. Marketing managers are always accessing and analyzing variables that influences the behavior of the consumer. As marketers are aware that to remain competitive identifying internal and external variables such as political, environmental, and economic etc.

, is key to building effective strategies. While developing marketing strategies marketing managers are also task with sufficiently defining and explaining the goals and objectives of the business. This is accomplish through market research and focusing on the right product mix in order to achieve the maximum profit potential that can sustain the business.

In the marketing industry marketer believe that the marketing strategy is the foundation of a marketing plan. To build a strategic plan marketer are guided by existent and evolving concept and theory; this includes many of the topics discussed and reviewed in this course. Utilize the following list as a guide to completing the final summary :  Define the role of marketing in organizations.

(*)  Describe how marketers create value for a product or service.(* /**)  Provide a comprehensive discussion regarding the relationship of a marketing strategic and a marketing plan. (**)  Provide a comprehensive discussion the key elements of developing a marketing strategy.(**)  Identify and discuss the three phases of a strategic plan .

(**)  Define situation analysis (SWOT) incorporation your analysis of EWC.(**)  Provide a comprehensive discussion of all component of the STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning) (**)  Discuss implementing Marketing Mix and allocated resources into the strategy plan (*)  Provide a comprehensive discussion regarding the importances of creating value for the EWC (*/**)  Define the concept and the process that is necessary to identifying EWC target marketing (***)  Discuss the research methods and how it influences gathering data about competitors, customers, and prospective customers.

(****)  Describe how the marketing of services differs from the marketing of products (*****)  Include a visible(#) of your promotion of EWC marketing campaign to recruit new students  Describe the methods that will move the strategic vision to action FORMATTING THE SUMMARY PAPER 1. Must be a minimal of eight (8) double-spaced pages in length and formatted according to APA style, as outlined in the APA manual.

2. The final summary must include an APA formatted title page, abstract , table of content, introduction, main content with header sections and conclusion; reference page(s) and appendix(visual) 3. The ten pages (10) minimal page requirements do not include the title page, abstract, table of content, and reference page.

4. The final summary must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement. 5. The body of the paper must include the assigned content listed above and in the final grading rubric with critical analysis in each area. 6. A reference list with a minimum of five (5) references completed according to APA style.

* Chapter 1 ** Chapter 2 *** Chapter 9 **** Chapter 10 ***** Chapter 12 # The visual should consist of a creative promotional tool designed you that will assist in attract prospective students to Edward Waters College.

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