2024 – There is an assignment for Unit 5 It is completed in Intellipath Please submit your

U5 Int IP – 2024

There is an assignment for Unit 5. It is completed in Intellipath.  Please submit your work to the Intellipath node “Phase 5: Capital Budgeting Concepts Summary”.  Unit 5 IP within Intellipath.  A company is considering making a new bicycle. The company expects to sell 4,000 units of the bicycle each year for 5 years.

Each bicycle is expected to sell for $400. The company’s tax rate is 30%. Fixed costs are $700,000 per year, and variable costs are $75 per bicycle.              To make the bicycle, the company will purchase a machine that costs $1.5 million today. The machine will be depreciated with straight-line depreciation over a 5-year period.

The machine will be sold for $50,000 when this project ends in 5 years.              The net working capital requirements are $150,000 at Year 0, which are expected to be recovered in full in Year 5. The required rate of return for the project is 12%.    Complete the following:  Estimate the project’s cash flows for each year for years 0-5.

Estimate the project’s net present value (NPV) at the end of year 5. State whether the project should be accepted or not giving a reason. (100-150 words).   Note:  You may have some problem editing the Excel document. It seems that the document is saved so that when you open it to “enable editing” the highlighted boxes also have yellow text in them, and you may not be able to see your inputs.

Just highlight all the highlighted boxes and change the text back to black.   Please submit your work to the Intellipath node “Phase 5: Capital Budgeting Concepts Summary”. The Week 5 IP requires you to download, fill out and submit an Excel spreadsheet. This will require manual grading and you will receive a notice that you have not completed the assignment.

You may ignore this notice. As long as you have filled out the spreadsheet and submitted it to Intellipath you will be fine. Email submissions will not be accepted.

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