2024 – This is a group work I have a small portion of the

Group project- barstool sports – 2024

This is a group work. I have a small portion of the work. My part is Opportunities and Threats of industry which is sport media and retail. The company we researching is Barstool sports. Mainly focus on opportunities and Threats of sport media industry. The one of opportunities of sport media is retail. Please follow below documents.  I have the last part. at least 2 pages in specifically. 


*BRIEF* description of the technological,
economic, cultural, and political/legal environment of the market. Also, provide a strategic

analysis of the key competitors already in your market, as well as potential entrants and
substitutes for your products/services. (See Chapters 3 & 


  1. explore the industry environment in your product/service category with a detailed description of the technological, economic, cultural, and political/legal environment of the market and future trends.
  2. provide a detailed assessment of the key major local and global competitors in the industry, potential entrants, buyers, suppliers, and substitutes for your products/services. For this part of your analysis, in addition to identifying major competitors, try to find information about their marketing programs (products, brands, served segments, distribution, pricing tactics etc.), as well as their major strengths and weaknesses.
  3.  In this section, you should also discuss the opportunities and threats facing your industry in your market (Also see Chapters 3 & 4).


  1. Industry environment Descriptions and trends
    1. Cultural
      1. Sports culture
        1. Bro culture (subgroup)
      2. Target Demographics
        1. Overall stereotypical target market
        2. Variability by sport?
      3. External Factors and events
        1. Race relations
          1. Anthem Kneeling
        2. Sexism
          1. Male dominance
    2. Political/Legal
      1. Illegal and counterfeit sports memorabilia
        1. How much is spent on counterfeit jerseys and sports apparel
      2. Political events affecting sports
        1. Anthem kneeling
          1. Has it lead to drop in attendance?
          2. Less apparel sales?
    3. Economic
      1. Profitability of collegiate and professional sports organization
      2. How much money do sports fans spend on:
        1. Apparel
        2. Memorabilia
        3. Events
      3. Trends in retail
        1. How do overall retail trends compare specifically to sports retail?
    4. Technological
      1. Shift towards ecommerce and digital sales
        1. The Menswear Gold Rush and the Power of the Internet
  2. Competitors environment
    1. Competitors
      1. Media Competitors
        1. Major Sports Networks
          • ESPN
          • NFL network
          • MLB
          • NHL
          • NBC
          • CBS
          • Fox
        • Sports bloggers
          • Bleacher reports
          • Sbnation
          • Fansided 
        • Entertainment websites/blogs
          • Brobible
          • TFM (Grandex Inc.)
          • Rowdy gentleman
          • Man outfitters
    2. Retail Competitors
      1. Fanatics Inc.
      2. Mitchell and Ness
    3. The Major Sports clothing manufacturers
      1. Nike
      2. Under Armor
      3. Adidas
  3. Opportunities and Threats

OT Industry analysis 

External environment

   Opportunities of sports media industry 

retail part 

     Threats of  sports media  industry 

  1. Opportunities of retail part 
  2. Threats of retail part 
    1. Downward trends in retail industry 
    2. More potential market entrant. 

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