2024 – This is a hard homework I need you to do SIX menthods

Cost Accounting Income Statement – 2024

2024 – This is a hard homework I need you to do SIX menthods.

This is a hard homework, I need you to do SIX menthods of income statement which I list below. If you don’t know what is the differences between these income statements, Please don’t annoying me. And this assigment also have a lot of rules to follow, if you are not patience to do it, Pleas don’t annoying me. And it only have 20 hrs to due. If you can’t finish it, Please don’t waste our time. If you think you can finish it on time, Please see theattach below. Thanks


actual absorption costing

                                           1.     Actual absorption costing

2.     Actual variable costing

normal absorption costing

3.     Normal absorption costing

4.     Normal variable costing

5.     Standard absorption costing

6.     Standard variable costing

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