2024 – This post should be in RESPONSE TO the FOLLOWING QUESTIONS and must

This Post Should Be In RESPONSE TO The FOLLOWING QUESTIONS And Must Be 150 Words. – 2024

2024 – This post should be in RESPONSE TO the FOLLOWING QUESTIONS and must.

This post should be in RESPONSE TO the FOLLOWING QUESTIONS and must be 150 words.





>discussion question



Marketing touches every aspect of our lives from what we listen to on the radio or download to our iPods or what clothing we wear or how we get jobs. What does marketing entail?  


1. Select a marketing campaign that has influenced you.


Marketing campaign

2. Tell us about the product and the marketing campaign. 


3. Finally, explain how MARKETING  (not just the product itself) can ADD VALUE to our lives.


Include scholarly research

Be specific and offer examples. Include scholarly research on value added through marketing. You may NOT use examples or references previously used by students who have already posted!!!






Read the Chapter 1 Case: Real Choices at Colgate-Palmolive






Answer each question in 200 words.  


  1. Summarize the case and identify the dilemma facing Colgate-Palmolive.



  2. >www

    Research the product at www.colgatewisp.com. Discuss each element of the marketing mix for Wisp.



  3. A key to long-term business success lies in a firm’s ability to offer value to customers through its product offerings. Identify and discuss the key sources of value at Colgate-Palmolive. How might these value-adding properties be communicated to customers?



  4. What decision(s) do you recommend to Colgate-Palmolive? Discuss specific implementation tactics supporting your recommendation. Within the discussion identify the target market, market segment(s) and the competitive advantage.  




Correct APA Source Citing of the Textbook:


In-Text Citation


ï‚· First in-text use is: (Solomon, Marshall & Stuart, 2012).


ï‚· Subsequent in-text uses is: (Solomon et al., 2012)


>reference section

Reference Section:


ï‚· Solomon, M. R., Marshall, G. W.; & Stuart, E. W. (2012). Brand you: marketing


real people, real choices. (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson, 2012. Print.





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