2024 – This term we will be discussing the many components of marketing Your final project is to apply these components

MKT- 1-1 Discussion: Introductions and What’s in a Name? – 2024

This term we will be discussing the many components of marketing. Your final project is to apply these components to a new pet food product launch for a fictional pet supply store. The company makes pet food, toys, and supplies that are sold in retail locations and through an online store. The new product is a pet food line that is made of all natural ingredients.

For more information about the company and the product please begin by watching the  Pet Supply Store video in the Module One Resources Folder and review the Final Project Part I Document and Final Project Part II Document.

For your discussion question this week, please:

  1. Introduce yourself and share any experience you have with marketing.
  2. Pick a name for the new product and explain why you chose it.

Resources to help you choose a name for your company and product include the Oxford English Dictionary, which provides the history and etymology of English words, and Behind the Name, which gives information and meaning of first names. In responding to your classmates, discuss how your company and product names are similar (in meaning or word choice) to the names your classmates chose. Why do you think the choice of product name is so important? If you have any questions about the final project in general, go to the Final Project Discussion thread and post them there. 

For your response posts (2), you must do the following: 

  •   Reply to at least two different classmates outside of your own initial post thread.
  •   Demonstrate more depth and thought than simply stating that “I agree” or “You are wrong.” Guidance is provided for you in each discussion prompt. 

classmates Post #1:  

have two dogs, an Jack Russel terrier named Molly, and a miniature poodle named Cara. They are part of the family. I always want to make sure they are healthy. We take them for grooming, shots, and teeth cleanings. So eating healthy is part of the routine. 

My pet food name is “TruFood”.  I beleive the word TRUE is a very clear message of real, healthy, natural food. Most of the food choices in the pet aisle are filled with artificial ingredients, fake meat flavors, and dyes and fillers. TruFood is for the pet owner that wants the best for their family member! All natural and fresh ingredients is what these pet owners want! The consumer that buys this product is not concerned about the price. The packaging is very important because that is your first impression. I’m very excited for this project as it it very close to my heart! 

classmates Post #2:  

The name I chose for my all natural pet food is FUREVER FRESH! I think the play on words is catchy and could help this product stand out in today’s crowded pet food market, as well as let buyers know at first glance that we use fresh ingredients in our product. I am also a dog owner with a two year old bulldog named Bandit, and I always look for pet food/treats that say fresh or natural on the packaging.

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