2024 – u02a1 Unit 2 Assignment 1 Evaluating Mission Statements Resources Evaluating Mission Statements Scoring

BUS4015 Week 2 – 2024

Evaluating Mission Statements

A mission statement provides direction for creating, implementing, and evaluating strategic activity. This exercise gives you practice evaluating mission statements, which in turn will help you write a good mission statement.

Create a spreadsheet with the name of the six companies listed across the top of the page and the nine essential components of a mission statement on the left. The nine elements are found on page 49, characteristics are examined in Table 2-3 on page 48, and examples of the nine essential components are found in Table 2-4 on page 50 of your textbook. Provide rationale or interpretation for components that are more difficult to assess.

Evaluate each mission statement with the nine criteria. Record a yes in the cell of the matrix when the mission statement meets the criteria and a no if it does not.

Complete the evaluation matrix, provide a written assessment of the various mission statement components and submit the information as an attachment in the assignment area.

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