2024 – Uber is a ride sharing service started in 2009 If you are not

Case Analysis – 2024


Uber is a ride-sharing service started in 2009. If you are  not familiar with   Uber, you can learn more about the services it provides at  Uber.com. 

Construct an eight-page analysis of Uber using the  following criteria. 

  •    Analyze   the market before Uber’s entry. Describe the inefficiency          Uber   exploited. 
  •  Explain   Uber’s surge pricing in the context of shifts in supply and          demand. 
  •  Evaluate   Uber’s surge pricing in the context of price discrimination.             
  •  Apply   the concepts of economies of scale and economies of scope to          Uber’s business   model. 
  •  Apply   the concepts of game theory to Uber’s market. 
  •  Assess   Uber’s potential for international expansion and potential          trade policy   issues. 
  •  Explain   the incentive pay model Uber uses and how it affects the          principal-agent   problem. 
  •  Discuss   any asymmetric information issues with Uber’s business model.          

Your essay must be at least eight pages in length (not  counting   the  title and references pages) and include at least five peer-reviewed    resources.  Adhere to APA Style when writing your analysis, including citations    and  references for sources used. Be sure to include an introduction. Please   note  that no abstract is needed. 

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