2024 – Using the information provided below complete First Place Inc s FPI 2015 Form 1120S Also complete

First Place Inc.’s (FPI) 2015 Tax Return – 2024

Using the information provided below, complete First Place Inc.’s (FPI) 2015 Form 1120S. Also complete Kate Kleiber’s Schedule K-1.


· Form 4562 for depreciation is not required. Include the amount of tax depreciation given in the problem on the appropriate line on the first page of Form 1120S.

· If any information is missing use reasonable assumptions to fill in the gaps.

· The forms, schedules, and instructions can be found at the IRS Web site (www.irs.gov). The instructions can be helpful in completing the forms.


First Place Inc. (FPI) was formed as a corporation on January 5, 2012, by its two owners Kate Kleiber and James Chandler. FPI immediately elected to be taxed as an S corporation for federal income tax purposes. FPI sells mountain climbing gear to retailers throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Kate owns 70 percent of the FPI common stock (the only class of stock outstanding) and James owns 30 percent.

· FPI is located at 4200 West 400 North, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116.

· FPI’s Employer Identification Number is 87-5467544.

· FPI’s business activity is wholesale sales. Its business activity code is 423910.

· Both shareholders work as employees of the corporation.

· Kate is the president of FPI (Social Security number 312-89-4567). Kate’s address is 1842 East 8400 South, Sandy, Utah 84094.

· James is the vice president of FPI (Social Security number 321-98-7645). James’s address is 2002 East 8145 South, Sandy, Utah 84094.


· FPI uses the accrual method of accounting and has a calendar year-end.



FPI Income Statement For year ending December 31, 2015 Revenue from sales $980,000 Sales returns and allowances  (10,000) Cost of goods sold  (110,000) Gross profit from operations $860,000     Other income: Dividend income $ 15,000 Interest income 5,000 Gross income $880,000       Expenses: Compensation  ($600,000) Depreciation  (10,000) Bad debt expense  (14,000) Meals and entertainment  (2,000) Maintenance  (8,000) Business interest  (1,000) Property taxes  (7,000) Charitable contributions  (10,000) Other taxes  (30,000) Rent  (28,000) Advertising  (14,000) ProfeFPIonal services  (11,000) Employee benefits  (12,000) Supplies  (3,000) Other expenses  (21,000) Total expenses  (771,000) Net income $109,000


1   FPI’s purchases during 2015 were $115,000. It values its inventory based on cost using the FIFO inventory cost flow method. Assume the rules of §263A do not apply to FPI.

2   Of the $5,000 interest income, $2,000 was from a West Jordan city bond used to fund public activities (issued in 2007) and $3,000 was from a money market account.

3   FPI’s dividend income comes from publicly traded stocks that FPI has owned for two years. Page C-12

4   FPI’s compensation is as follows:

                      Kim $120,000

                      James $80,000

                      Other $400,000.

5   FPI wrote off $6,000 in accounts receivable as uncollectible during the year.

6   FPI’s regular tax depreciation was $17,000. AMT depreciation was $13,000.

7   FPI distributed $60,000 to its shareholders.

8   FPI is not required to compute the amount in its accumulated adjustments account.

The following are FPI’s book balance sheets as of January 1, 2015, and December 31, 2015.


2015 January 1 December 31      Assets Cash $ 90,000 $143,000 Accounts receivable 300,000 310,000 Allowance for doubtful accounts  (60,000)  (68,000) Inventory 45,000 50,000 State and local bonds 38,000 38,000 Investments in stock 82,000 82,000 Fixed assets 100,000 100,000 Accumulated depreciation  (20,000)  (30,000) Other assets 20,000 21,000 Total assets $595,000 $646,000 Liabilities and Shareholders’ Equity Accounts payable 60,000 55,000 Other current liabilities 5,000 8,000 Other liabilities 10,000 14,000 Capital stock 200,000 200,000 Retained earnings 320,000 369,000 Total liabilities and shareholders’ equity $595,000

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