2024 – Write a formal APA research paper on the Future of Real Estate This paper is due

Reserach Paper – 2024

Write a formal, APA research paper on the Future of Real Estate. This paper is due Sunday, 11:55 p.m., ET. This can be from any combination of perspectives:

-Appraisers and their jobs
-The Mortgage Lending Market
-Generational effects on the Housing Market
-The Government’s role in Real Estate
-Laws that affect Real Estate
-How the Real Estate Market affects the economy
-Other subjects that may have an effect on Real Estate in the future.

Keep in mind you should examine and analyze the past along with the present day. Finally, after conducting your research and considering the various perspectives listed above, examine and discuss your future in Real Estate. For this portion of the paper, focus your attention on taking an active role in the community (work, service, co-curricular activities) and examine civic issues encountered and insights gained.

Three references are required. Two must be from the APUS Library. Of course, you may use your text as a reference, as well as other sources if they are valid sources. Wikipedia is NOT a valid source. Dictionaries and encyclopedias may be used; however, they do not count towards your minimum two library references.

Style Guidelines for the paper:


  • Use a header on every page, including the title page. The header should be formatted according to APA guidelines.

  • A title page with the title, author, class, class section, professor, and date should be on the title page, centered on the page. This title page does NOT count toward your 3-5 page requirement.
  • Margins are 1 inch on all sides.


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