2024 – You must use PPT s knowledge to answer IT IS DUE 12 9 8 00AM 1 This is

International Business take-home exam – 2024

2024 – You must use PPT s knowledge to answer IT IS DUE 12 9 8 00AM 1 This is.

  You must use PPT’s knowledge to answer. IT IS DUE 12/9 8:00AM.

1. This is an open-book, take-home exam. It is an individual assignment and should not be discussed in any way with others.

Combined exam

2. Your answers are not to exceed 1,800 words in total for the combined exam plus exhibits (if any). Please use 12-point, Times New Roman font, and double-space your answers. Number all pages. Clearly identify which question you are answering each time. All answers are to be written in English.

3. Read through the entire exam and articles and PPT before beginning to answer.

Start writing

4. Think about the structure of your answer before you start writing it.

5. Answer each question separately and make sure the full answer is included in a single question. You may reference something from a previous answer rather than re-writing it (if needed), but do not answer all the questions in one large report.

6. Logistics for returning your answers:

a. HOW? Word Document file: double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, numbered pages, no more than 1,800 words for the total document. 

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