2024 – You will submit a market analysis to JGJ Inc of 1000 words

1.3 Discussion: Research-based Marketing Plan Initial Proposal – Product Differentiation and Positioning – 2024

  1. You will submit a market analysis to JGJ, Inc. of 1000 words (+/- 50 words) using at least 4 credible and objective sources not provided as resources in the course in your analysis, plus at least one source provided in the course reading list.
  2. You should have no more than 100 words describing the concept of differentiation and positioning. The paper should focus on the application of the concepts through an applied analysis of the target category.
  3. Use these seven titles from the Market Analysis Report Template to create seven sections for this part of the consultant’s report:
    1. Current annual sales volume in dollars and/or units sold in the market
    2. Current competitors and their offerings, including points of differentiation for each offering indicating how they are positioned to each other in the market
    3. Current price points of competitors
    4. Projected overall market growth rate for the next five years
    5. Projected changes to overall pricing in the market for the next five years
    6. Recommended position and points of differentiation for the JGJ, Inc. offering
    7. Complete buyer profile of the target customer
  4. You must have at least one graphic of a positioning matrix indicating current offerings and the segment of the market that JGJ, Inc. will target. The graphic(s) may be attached as a file but the narrative write up must be posted in the main text box areas of the discussion.
  5. This first submission will also have a 100- to 150-word introduction to the market or product category to serve as an introduction for your peer and for the contract company. This is in addition to the 1000 words; it will not appear in future sections of the consultant’s report.
  6. Cite your work using current APA standards, however indenting of the references is not required due to the discussion board format. (See  OCLS APA Writing Styles Guides)

You have been hired as a Consultant by JGJ to do the following:1.Research the industry JGJ wants to enter 
Analyze the current situation:Competition–who are the biggest competitors (top 3 if possible)•What price are competitors charging, or what pricing strategy do they use (rubric: analysis of current pricing)•What promotions are competitors running (rubric: analysis of current promotions)•How does the competition deliver their product/service (rubric: analysis of current distribution)•Target market –who is the buyer of the product/service•Individual customer (homemaker, DIYer, farmer, male, female, age, income, etc.)•Corporation (large, medium, small, manufacturer, distributor, retailer, hospital, hotel, etc.) 


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