3 or 4 Pages Paper 1 You know that many factors affect the overall satisfaction of employees As part of your september 2023

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3 or 4 Pages (Paper #1)You know that many factors affect the overall satisfaction of employees. As part of your efforts to continually improve performance and employee satisfaction at your own organization, you decide to learn what other top companies are doing in this area. Consolidate your research into 4-6 pages that can be shared with decision makers at your organization.Choose one of the Top 100 Best Companies to Work For from this year’s list . Use the library and Internet to research the company and its employee programs. Describe the employee programs that have helped this organization make the Top 100 list. Explain how the effectiveness of these programs can be measured. Explain the measures used to compile the Top 100 rankings. Describe how a performance management system can lead to positive organizational outcomes. Include as much specific information as possible to support your ideas. Cite resources using APA style. __________________________________________________________________________________________Paper #2 (2 pages only no work cite needed) The CEO has asked you and Jane to create a chart that he might use as part of his decision process in deciding what countries in which to locate overseas factories. He also wants an accompanying recommendation summary from an HR perspective. Prepare a 6-column, 5-row chart for the following countries and parameters: Columns (countries) are: Japan Mexico India China Italy Germany Rows (factors to research) for each country are: Average manufacturing wage Country’s minimum wage Typical restrictive work rules where there are unions How unions enhance or detract from company results Country’s unemployment rate It is unlikely that you will find all of the necessary data in one online database. Instead, you will have to research a number of different ones. In addition, in some cases you may have to make calculations from a “base=100” report to get an actual dollar figure. Ensure that you cite the references used, in proper APA format. Wikipedia is an unacceptable reference For minimum wages, try one of the following sites: Minimum Wages database List of minimum wages by country For unemployment percentages try the following site: Unemployment rate (most recent) by country (be sure to note the year of the data) Your recommendation summary should explain which country you recommend for the future overseas expansion, based solely on the data in your chart.

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