an essay about CULTURE FROM ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR AREA of study in 1000 september 2023

organisational behaviour and human resources management essay
an essay about CULTURE FROM ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR AREA of study. in 1000 word not less than 13 references in Harvard referencing system.present 3-4 key theories that are related to the topic and compare teh different perspective.(you can find eveything in the paper attached ). it needs to be a good academic essay for university with ggod grammar. please follow the assesment criteria and everything written in tha assignment but not the things written by hand just the printed. please support what you write with relevant academic references and citition in the text. make sure that the paraghraphs are visible and easy to understand where is the introduction and the others part. please it has to be academic writing with no plagiarism. the module for this essay IS ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR AND HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT. is a really important essay for my university which i need to get high mark in it. the references are in Harvard style and need to be not all from internet like if you can do a mix books, online books, journals, online journals, and website that are academic and can you write next each refence in the referce list what is this refences (if its journal or book etc ) so i can understand if my teacher ask me thanks again and i hope to get high mark and if yes i will always work with you.

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