Background Despite a Manager s best efforts sometimes an employee will fail to meet the requirements september 2023

Module 10 (2)
Background Despite a Manager’s best efforts, sometimes an employee will fail to meet the requirements of their position. This poor performance can be caused by a number of factors including but not limited to personal relationship issues, lack of communication or training or disengagement with their role in the organization. When an employee’s performance consistently does not meet expectations, it is the Manager’s job to help get the employee back on track. This is often achieved through the use of a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). Review the scenario below, and complete the first six steps of the PIP process based on the scenario provided. The steps have been provided below for your reference. Scenario : You are an HIM Manager and one of your employees that has worked for you for three years recently started coming in late on a regular basis and is not completing his projects on schedule. The problem has been occurring for almost two months now and other employees are starting to complain. The employee is going through a divorce and a bitter custody battle. Write a 1 – 3 page paper, completing the first six steps of a PIP for your employee. Be sure to address the following in your paper. PIP Process Steps Define the problem. Determine if the problem is a performance problem or a behavior problem. Define the duties or behaviors where improvement is required. Establish the priorities of the duties. What are the possible consequences of errors associated with these duties? How frequently are these duties performed? How do they relate when compared with other duties? Identify the standards upon which performance will be measured for each of the duties identified. Establish short-range and long-range goals and timetables for accomplishing change in the performance/behavior with the employee. Develop an action plan. What will the manager do to help the employee accomplish the goals within the desired time frame? What will the employee do to facilitate improvement of the product or process?

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