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Case: Hazel

1. What competitive advantage does Hazel have over a professional lawn care service?

2. Hazel would like to increase her profits, but she doesn”t believe that it would be wise to raise her prices considering the current state of the local economy. Instead, she has given some thought to increasing productivity.

a. Explain how increased productivity could be an alternative to increased prices.

b. What are some ways that Hazel could increase productivity?

3. Hazel is thinking about the purchase of new equipment. One would be power sidewalk edgers. She believes edger’s will lead to an increase in productivity. Another would be a chain saw, which would be used for tree pruning. What trade-offs should she consider in her analysis?

4. Hazel has been fairly successful in her neighborhood, and now wants to expand to other neighborhoods, including some that are five miles away. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of doing this?

5. Hazel does not have a mission statement or a set of objectives. Take one of the following positions and defend it:

a. Hazel doesn”t need a formal mission statement and objectives. Many small businesses don”t have them.

b. She definitely needs a mission statement and a set of objectives. They would be extremely beneficial.

c. There may be some benefit to Hazel”s business, and she should consider developing one.

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